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    More and more people are aware of the importance of drinking enough water.  So, many people take an avocado water bottle with them to always keep the body hydrated. 

    If you haven’t got a drink bottle yet, choose an avocado water tracker bottle. It will bring you many benefits when using it. In this article, you can find all information about this water bottle and how to choose one. Let’s check out together.

    Benefits of using an avocado water bottle

    1. Helping you drink enough water 

    Most of us often drink water only when we feel thirsty. But at that time our body is already dehydrated. So, bringing a water bottle along with you is a perfect reminder of drinking water. Besides, the time markers on the bottle will measure how much water you should drink every hour.

    2. Safe for your health

    The used materials to make a drink bottle are Tritan Plastic, glass, or stainless steel. These materials are BPA-free. Thus, you can use this bottle without worrying about harmful chemicals.

    3. Better for your finance

    We need at least 88-105 fl oz of water per day. If you use bottled water, you will need to buy 5-7 bottles per day. That will cost you much more money than using an avocado drink bottle. You can refill it after drinking it out 

    4. Friendly with the environment

    Do you know that a single-use plastic bottle will take 1000 years to decompose? Besides, it takes a lot of resources and energy to produce a bottle. Thus, using reusable bottles like avocado water bottles can help save our planet.

    5. Easy to carry along

    The compact size of this drink bottle allows you to bring it to all activities. You can use the neck strap to hang the bottle on your bike when you go cycling. The 32-ounce volume can hold enough water for you to stay hydrated

    6. Adorable appearance

    These bottles have an adorable appearance with different pictures of avocados.

    A nice bottle can make you drink more water. It can also be a nice and elegant gift for your loved people.

    How to choose an avocado water bottle

    Before buying a water bottle, you should consider its designs, types, and sizes.

    1. Avocado water bottle designs 

    Currently, there are 50+ models of water bottles with different designs. The colors are trending and catchy. You can pick any color you like. For some bottles, you can write your name on them to make them personalized. The shape also varies to meet the different preferences of users.

    2. Types of avocado water bottles

    Based on the materials used, there are 3 types of water bottles: Plastic bottles, stainless steel bottles, and glass bottles.

    • Plastic bottles: These are the most common water bottles of the three types above. Their material is BPA-free Tritan Plastic. The designs of these types are also the most diverse. But plastic drink bottles don’t have a heat insulation effect.


    • Stainless steel bottles: This bottle often has double stainless steel walls. So it has a high heat insulation effect. When using it, you can keep your drink hot or cold for up to 24 hours. Stainless steel also makes this bottle the most durable one.


    • Glass bottles: A glass bottle won’t discolor after you use it to contain colored drinks. It is also easy to clean and always remains crystal clear. But the drawback of this bottle is its fragility. So you have to be careful when using it.  


    3. Sizes of avocado water bottles

    The common size of an avocado water bottle is 32-ounce. With this size, you can easily carry the bottle, and save time refilling it. But there are smaller and also bigger sizes. For example, glass and stainless steel bottles usually have a smaller size because of their heavier materials. 


    We have provided you with all the details of avocado water bottles and how to choose one. Remember to always keep a water bottle close to you to drink enough water. We hope that you will find a satisfying bottle and stay healthy every day.