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    A water bottle is an essential item that you should carry to provide water for your body. You will tend to want to bring them with you when you have something you like. If you love ballet, ballet water bottles will make you feel excited. So what criteria do you need to pay attention to choose it? Find out the most necessary information through this article!

    Essential information about ballet water bottle

    Needless to say, water is the most important factor for the body to function properly. No matter what job you do, exercise, study or ride a bike, you should stay hydrated.

    Carrying water bottles that you love will remind you to drink water more often. However, a good quality water bottle will ensure safety for you and the environment.

    Ballet water bottles are a great choice. Maybe you know it but don’t know the information. Follow the sharing below to understand more!


    • Material: Tritan Plastic does not contain BPA
    • Volume: 32 ounces
    • Height: 22cm
    • Diameter: 7cm


    • Sleek and compact design, with hand strap for easy carrying
    • The 32 ounces size is perfect for activities or workouts
    • The filter at the mouth of the bottle is removable to help filter out impurities
    • Wide-open bottle mouth for easier and faster water intake
    • Bottle cap with easy one-handed push button to open
    • Hourly timer to measure the amount of water inside the bottle

    Criteria that make you choose a ballet water bottle

    Ballerina water bottles have not only high-quality materials, compact design but also unique decorative motifs. To see more criteria when choosing a water bottle, follow the analysis below!

    1. High-quality materials, safe to use

    The material of my water bottle is BPA-free Tritan plastic, safe for health. Plus, you can use them over and over to make them more eco-friendly.

    Since the manufacturer makes the water bottle by hand, it is of very good quality. It can hold drinks with heat levels up to 70 – 80 degrees Celsius, effective insulation.

    2. Various designs 

    To satisfy all the needs of customers, the manufacturer has released many different water bottles. Depending on the intended use, the shape and size change.

    For example, tracker bottles often have a compact design that is easy to carry on the go. Some other types, such as water bottles for school or water bottles for gym, will have a larger design.

    3. Large capacity

    With many different sizes, the capacity of ballet bottles is also very diverse. Popular is the 32 ounces; it is suitable for many occasions and ensures adequate water supply.

    You can also offer other options for smaller bottles such as 20oz, 24oz,…

    4. Beautifully decorated and attractive

    The image of ballet dancers posing on the surface of the bottle is really beautiful. Especially when the designers have transformed it. It will become a novel and eye-catching texture.

    Types of water bottles

    To satisfy the needs of users, manufacturers have created many different types of water bottles. Here are some common types:

    1. Ballet water tracker bottle

    These tracker water bottles are essential items that you should carry at any time. Their compact design means they won’t cause any problems for you. You can use them anytime and anywhere.

    You can also use it in many different situations. For example, carry it with you when you exercise or ride a bike on the road. You will easily use them with the one-button opening function.

    2. Ballet water bottle for school

    It is essential to keep the body hydrated during the study period. Adequate water in the body will help us study more effectively. Remember to bring a beautiful ballet stepper to stay hydrated.


    Ballet water bottles are not only beautiful in design but also have many convenient functions. It will provide you with enough water for a long day.

    Since it has a compact design and has a sturdy strap, you can take it anywhere. If you do not have this type of water bottle, buy it now and experience the utility it brings.