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    Water is an essential factor for humans to maintain life. You should drink enough water every day to keep your body healthy. Having a pretty bee water bottle will remind you to drink water more often. 

    This water bottle has a versatile design and is convenient for you to carry anywhere. Below we will share with you the important things to know about a good water bottle. Check it out below!

    Detailed information about bee water bottle

    Bee water bottles are a handy product for many people today. However, not everyone knows about them. Follow the data below to know more about this product:

    Technical data

    • Material: Tritan Plastic does not contain BPA
    • Volume: 32 ounces
    • Height: 22cm
    • Diameter: 7cm

    About benefits

    • Sleek and compact design, with hand strap for easy carrying
    • The 32 ounces size is perfect for activities or workouts
    • The filter at the mouth of the bottle is removable to help filter out impurities
    • Wide-open bottle mouth for easier and faster water intake
    • Bottle cap with an easy one-handed push button to open
    • Hourly timer to measure the amount of water inside the bottle

    The information that we provide above will help you understand more about this product. Water is an important factor for human survival and development. Don’t forget to keep your body hydrated during all your activities with this perfect bottle.

    Whether you’re doing HIIT, working out, or riding a bike on the road, the water bottle will keep you hydrated!

    Why should you choose this water bottle?

    Not only is the size suitable for many activities. But the bee drink bottle also has many other advantages. Specifically:

    • Safe and environmentally friendly materials: Each water bottle is handcrafted with Tritan plastic. They are BPA-free and eco-friendly.
    • Leak-Free Safety Cap: The bottle cap has a unique design with the strength of a magnet. It always keeps drinks safe inside, avoiding water leakage.
    • Good high-temperature resistance: With high-quality Tritan plastic material, the water tank can withstand temperatures from 70 ° C – 80 ° C.
    • Versatile use: You can use the water bottle for any drink. It can be reused, saving you money and reducing the environmental pollution.

    The outer layer of paint has beautiful decorative motifs. Durable colors will not fade, peel, or crack after a period of use.

    How to choose a bee water bottle?

    There are many different types of water bottles on the market today. They come in a wide variety of sizes, materials, prices and designs. You need to make the correct choice to own a perfect water bottle.

    1. Intends of use

    Manufacturers create many different water bottles, which means that their intended use is not the same. They are not just ordinary water jugs. 

    Wine tumblers have many other uses and benefits. You can take water bottles with you anywhere. Their convenient design allows for this.

    Before buying a water bottle, you should determine what its intended use is. Some of the main uses such as: going to school, going to work, sports activities, travel, …

    2. Find out and the material of the product

    The material used to make water bottles will determine their quality. A water bottle made of high-quality materials will bring safety to your health. However, poor materials often produce harmful substances during use. So you need to be careful!

    Currently, manufacturers have found more and more materials to make water bottles. Some common materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, glass, high-grade plastic, etc.

    You should choose products made from high-quality and safe materials. It is both good for your health and you can use it many times to save money. 

    We can reuse wine tumblers to reduce the amount of waste that people put into the environment. Thereby reducing environmental pollution.

    3. Choose the right size and shape

    It’s not just about the material and the intended use. The size and shape of the product will greatly affect your use. 

    For example, bee water tracker bottles will have a simple and compact shape, easy to carry. You can use water bottles with more complex designs at home or work.

    In addition, the same person is also very interested in the size of the water bottle. The choice depends on the intended use of each person. 

    For example, a water bottle to bring when studying should be small in size for easy carrying. On the contrary, you should bring a large water bottle when playing sports to provide enough water for you.

    Understanding users’ needs, manufacturers have created a lot of water bottles with different sizes and shapes. They are diverse and have many choices for you.

    4. Good price

    Price is also a concern of customers when choosing products. So naturally, a product with good quality and reasonable price will always be the priority. However, not everyone can spend a large amount of money to buy a water bottle.

    As a result, manufacturers offer a wide variety of products in design, quality and price. So even though you don’t have much money, you can still buy quality water bottles.


    Hopefully, through the detailed sharing of our product information. You can choose the best bee water bottles! Water is an important element that you need to provide your body regularly. Don’t forget to bring water bottles and drink them every day!