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If you are an animal lover, you will not be able to ignore the Boston terrier tumbler. This is a particularly convenient and pretty mug. You can use it in many different situations. Perhaps you have dreamed of owning this mug. But how much do you know about it? Follow this article for more details!

About the Boston terrier tumbler

Specially designed drinking cups are becoming more and more popular. They are user-friendly and have many uses. The most popular are the tumblers.

Tumbler has a simple structure but works very well thanks to high-quality materials. They have a diverse capacity suitable for all types of drinks.

Especially the unique Boston terrier decorative pattern. For those who need to use a water bottle or cup of water and love animals. The Boston terrier tumbler is a great choice.

How to choose a Boston terrier tumbler?

To be able to choose the most suitable Boston terrier tumbler cups. You need to pay attention to the design, capacity and materials that make them. These will not be difficult to spot.

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1. Designs of Boston terrier tumbler 

Each manufacturer makes its tumbler products. It is the characteristic as well as the strength of each brand. You should pay attention to the design of the tumbler with the following main ideas.

Material: The material that makes the tumbler is high-quality 18/8 copper-plated stainless steel. It is hard and resistant to dents and impacts. The outer shell has a double-walled vacuum insulation design for good heat retention.

The cup lid is high-grade BPA-free plastic, which is environmentally and health-friendly.

Capacity: Tumbler has quite a variety of capacities. You can choose, but tumblers have capacities of 12 ounces, 17 ounces, 20 or 30 ounces. They are convenient for you to choose for many different jobs.

Shape: Tumblers have a shape like a cup. It can have the bottom of the cup smaller than the cup’s mouth or both equal parts. But it will vary according to different types of design. In general, the shape is quite diverse and rich.

Decoration: Tumbler has unique and novel decorations, especially cute images of Boston terrier. Their funny and lovely images make pet lovers heartbroken.

Color: The colors of the tumblers are varied. Each product line and design will have many colors for you to choose from. The featured background colors are white, black and gray. Besides, the Boston terrier image also has many different colors.

One caveat to these tumblers is that they cannot use them in the dishwasher. This is really unsafe and could damage the dishwasher or tumbler.

2. Types of tumblers

Manufacturers make many different types of tumblers. Each type has its powerful ability.

Stainless steel tumbler

This is probably the most popular tumbler, with the material being high-grade stainless steel. You can use tumblers for any drink.

High-quality materials make them last for a long time. The impact resistance is also superior to other cups.

Skinny tumbler

This is a tumbler with a plastic lid attached. The manufacturer makes high-quality BPA-free plastic lids. You can get your drink with you anywhere.

With the special design of the tumbler lid, the drink inside will not leak or spill. You can safely use them in a variety of ways.

Wine tumbler

This is a small tumbler used for drinking, and it is usually 12 ounces.

Perhaps the crystal wine glasses are so familiar, and it has become boring. Tumbler will be an exciting alternative for users.

Drinking from a new glass in a completely different way is an exciting experience.

3. Size of tumblers

To satisfy the needs of consumers, tumblers have many different sizes. Popular are 17 oz, 20oz and 30oz:

Stainless steel tumbler 20oz and 30oz

You can use this popular type to hold different types of cold drinks, 20oz – 30oz capacity. They are just weak in size as follows:

  • Top diameter: 3.5″”
  • Bottom diameter: 2.7″”
  • Height: 6.8″”

Skinny tumbler 17oz

This is a tumbler with a lid, often used for carry-on drinks. It has a capacity of 17 oz. Basic sizes include:

  • Outside diameter: 2.6″”
  • Height: 9.3″”

Another tumbler with a smaller size, 12 oz capacity, is often used for drinking.


Hopefully, through our article, you will understand more about tumblers. You can make the correct choice when buying a Boston terrier tumbler. Get them and they’re convenient!¬†