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    Having a morning coffee is a great way to start a new day. And it will be great to have a coffee with a boxer mug when you are a boxer lover. A mug is more than a drink container. Drinking with your favorite cup can make you happier. 

    Currently, there are many boxer coffee mugs with different designs. If you don’t know how to choose a suitable mug, we can help you. Through this article, you will know what you should consider when buying a mug.


    How to choose a boxer mug

    Before deciding to buy a mug, you should consider your purpose, then the size and design of the mug. 

    1. Defining your using purpose

    First, you should be clear about the purpose of the boxer dog mug to purchase a suitable one. 

    If you buy a mug for use at home, you can choose a small mug without a lid. Your drink will also affect your choice. Hot coffee, tea, or chocolate are suitable with a small and medium-size mug. These beverages have the best taste when served hot. If you use a big mug, it will make them cool down faster. 

    If you want to enjoy drinks when driving, a stainless steel mug with a lid is good. It will keep your drinks from spilling out. You should also take into account how much drink you consume to choose the proper size. If you don’t want to refill your mug many times, pick a big-size one. 

    2. Sizes of boxer mugs

    There are many available sizes for a boxer mug. The size can vary from 8oz to 20oz. A small mug of 8oz-12oz will be ideal for coffee or hot chocolate for your breakfast. 

    With the bigger sizes, you can fill them with milk, milk tea, or some cold drinks. The most chosen size of a mug is 12oz-15oz. This size is suitable for every beverage and also easy to carry with you.

    3. Designs of boxer mugs

    When considering the designs of a boxer mug, pay attention to the materials, shapes, colors, and decorations.

    • Materials: The most common material used in producing mugs is ceramic. Manufacturers also make stainless steel mugs. These materials are lead-free and don’t contain any harmful chemicals. 
    • Shapes: Most boxer coffee mugs come in a cylindrical shape with a handle. But there are also some mugs with the top bigger than the bottom. The handle also has a design specifically for left-handed or right-handed people. Some mugs even come with a lid to prevent spills.
    • Colors and decorations: With the theme of the boxer dog, you can find more than 50 different designs of a mug. There are patterns on both sides of the mug. The colors are very diverse. You can choose any color you like. On some e-commerce websites, you can design your personalized mug. 

    Why you should choose a boxer mug

    A boxer mug is a must-have item because of many reasons. 

    1. Safe for health

    The materials used to make a mug are lead-free ceramic or stainless steel. So, they are safe for your health. You can enjoy hot drinks from this mug without worrying about harmful chemicals. 

    Besides, it has high heat resistance. You can enjoy your hot coffee without fear of burning your hand when holding the mug.

    2. Durable

    There is no need to mention the durability of stainless steel mugs. But ceramic mugs are also very durable. Made of premium ceramic, boxer mugs have high resistance to chipping and cracking.

    The glossy enamel coat and non-fading color make this mug last glow for years. Thus, this mug can be your morning companion for a long time.

    3. Affordable price

    The prices of a boxer dog mug may vary depending on materials, designs, or sizes. But from about $15, you can have a good mug. Some mugs may be more expensive, such as custom-made mugs.

    4. Safe for microwave and dishwasher

    This mug allows you to reheat your milk or coffee by the microwave. It doesn’t contain harmful chemicals so heating is safe. 

    Besides, it is easy to clean, and you can clean it with a dishwasher. But if you are not busy, you can wash it by hand to remove all the stains. Moreover, washing by hand also keeps your mug from getting scratched.


    So, above is the ultimate guide for choosing a boxer mug. You can buy a mug for personal use or give it to others. But remember to consider the criterion well. A good mug can make your day. We hope that with this guide, you can choose a suitable mug.