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    Staying hydrated is very important for everyone. Drinking enough water is good for our health as well as our skin. We should drink water even when we aren’t thirsty. But most of us usually forget this. So, bringing a water bottle is a solution to this problem. A butterfly water tracker bottle will be an efficient assistant to keep you always hydrated. 

    Are you confused because there are too many models of butterfly water bottles? Keep reading this article. Here we have all the information you need to know about this bottle and why you should have one. 

    Butterfly water bottle details

    This bottle has a convenient design allowing you to carry it in every activity. It will provide you enough water with a volume of 32 fl Oz. It is also easy to hold with a height of 22cm and a diameter of 7cm. Besides, you can hang it by using the attached handy neck strap. 

    Besides, on a butterfly water tracker bottle, there are time markers. With these markers, you will know how much water you should drink every hour. Moreover, the leak-proof lid will lock your drink in the bottle. It also has a one-hand-push button, which is very favorable to drink while moving.

    A water bottle butterfly is made of BPA-free Tritan plastic. This material is safe for our health and permits you to reuse the bottle many times. So this bottle is very friendly to the environment. 

    Tritan plastic is also heat resistant up to 80 degrees Celsius. Thus, you can use this bottle to contain your hot drink.

    Besides, the appearance of the bottle is beautiful with pictures of colorful butterflies. There are also dozens of colors for you to choose from.

    How to choose a butterfly water bottle

    Before choosing a water bottle, you should know the benefits it can bring.

    Why you should choose this bottle

    • You can carry it with you everywhere and in every activity. The handy design makes it easy to hold as well as open and close.
    • With a water tracker bottle, you can know whether you have drunk enough water or not. Check the time markers on the bottle and you will know the amount of water intake
    • The material is safe for our health. BPA-free Tritan plastic doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. So, you can feel secure when drinking water from this water bottle. It won’t harm your health or cause diseases like cancer.
    • It is reusable, so using it can save your money and also save our environment.
    • You can fill it with any drink that you like
    • Its proper capacity can help you save much time of refilling water
    • The butterfly water bottle price is reasonable, so anyone can afford one
    • Its elegant and catchy appearance can make it a fantastic accessory or nice gift

    Butterfly water bottle designs

    The design is an important criterion when you choose a water bottle. Currently, there are plenty of water bottles with various designs.

    • Material: Manufacturers commonly use BPA-free Tritan plastic in producing bottles. But you can also find glass or stainless steel water bottles.
    • Shape: The shape of a water bottle is also diverse to meet the demand of users. Some people like square-bottom bottles, some others like round-bottom ones. There are also long neck and short neck bottles, or smallmouth – wide-mouth bottles, etc.
    • Color: Besides colorless and transparent bottles, there are many colors for your taste. 
    • Decoration: The main decoration of butterfly water bottles is pictures of butterflies. Besides, you can make your personalized water bottle by adding your name to it.

    Types of butterfly water bottles

    Based on the material, shape, or feature of water bottles, we can divide them into many different types. Below are the most popular types of bottles.

    • Butterfly water tracker bottle: This is one of the most favorite water bottles. By time markers, it not only contains water but also reminds you of the water consumption. Thus, you will not be dehydrated with a water tracker bottle. But it can’t keep your drink hot or cold for a long time. 
    • Butterfly hot and cold water bottle: This is the best choice if you want your drink to stay hot or cold longer. This bottle has double stainless steel walls. So it has a high heat insulation effect. Your drink can stay hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. 

    Because stainless steel is heavier than plastic, the volume is also smaller. The common volume of this type is 17-25 fl oz. It is also more durable than plastic water bottles.

    • Glass butterfly water bottles: This type of bottle is less popular than the two mentioned above. Because glass is fragile, you have to be careful when carrying it on the go. But in return for this backward, a glass bottle is safe to contain any type of drink. It also has a luxurious and beautiful design and can be an elegant gift. 

    Size of butterfly water bottles

    A common water bottle has a 32-ounce size. This size has a significant contribution to the benefits of the bottle. But you can find the bigger size, such as water bottles with a volume of 53 fl oz. This big size is more suitable for people doing office work and not moving often. 

    The glass water bottle and vacuum water bottle will have a smaller size. Their volume is around 17 to 25 fl oz. This is also a criterion you can consider when choosing a water bottle.


    Perhaps you are clear about the butterfly water bottle. This is a useful bottle that everyone should have. But before buying a water bottle, remember to consider all the important criteria. We hope that you can choose a suitable water bottle to stay hydrated all day long.