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    This thick and plush pile cat doormat is soft enough for your bare feet while still being sturdy.

    The doormat keeps the water from spilling onto the floor which is perfect for the entryway. This cute cat doormat will make a buddy smile. It’s an ideal gift for cat enthusiasts. 


    This sturdy and long-lasting doormat is entirely made of high-quality material. It is water-resistant, robust, and resilient, so you can leave your cat rug welcome mat outside.

    Funny Front Door Decor

    This unique, charming doormat design has a funny cat image on it. It is a perfect decor for cat and animal lovers.

    Non-Slip Backing

    With a heavy-gripper non-skid backing, there will be no movement with this doormat. It will remain in place with suction as if it had been strongly attached with super glue.


    Incredibly Durable

    The cat doormat withstands frequent, heavy use over time. The double stitching provides long-term durability. The microfiber strands allow it to dry five times faster than conventional mats.

    Efficiency Cleaning

    The doormat prevents moisture, mud, or unwanted debris from tracking into your home. The slightly raised polypropylene fabric traps dirt within its patterned grooves. 

    Easy To Clean

    You can vacuum the doormat with a hand-held vacuum, sweep with a broom, or shake off outside or over trash cans. Wipe the mat down with a moist cloth and mild soap for a thorough clean, or rinse it outside with a garden hose. Allow the mat to completely dry before using it again.


    The cat doormat is large enough to accommodate many pairs of muddy boots as well as washing out shoes. A flexible and luxurious complement to any entryway. The ideal housewarming present for any home décor lover.