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    Staying hydrated all day is hard sometimes, especially while we are on the go; people tend to drink much less water. Then, what do you think about getting a lovely cat tumbler? Now, let’s find out more detailed information about cat tumblers.

    Cat Tumbler Details

    What is greater than having your own cute cat travel mug so you can keep yourselves hydrated any time at any place, right? You can go everywhere with this handy travel mug, and the little tumbler will remind you to drink enough water. We have 3 types of tumbler for you to choose from:

    1. Stainless steel tumbler 20oz, 30oz

    First, we have the stainless steel tumblers of 20oz and 30oz. These tumblers are made of premium grade copper lined 18/8 stainless steel that is much more durable than other original glass. As they are BPA-free and with no toxic materials, the tumblers are completely safe for users’ health. However, they are not really dishwasher safe, so you had better clean them by hand.

    With a dimension of 3.5″ x 2.7″ x 6.8″ diameters, the mugs can contain up to 20 to 30oz. So they are great for all types of beverages: hot or cold; water, coffee, juice or beer; etc. It is good to keep a cute cat tumbler company with you outdoors, indoors, driving, or camping activities.

    2. Skinny Tumbler 17 oz

    These skinny tumblers 17 oz are 100% stainless steel double walls. The advanced vacuum insulation can work well with hot drinks for more than 6 hours and remain the beverage cold for up to a day. 

    The slim-shaped design of 2.6″ x 9.3″ in dimensions makes the cup look like a skinny girl, really convenient to hold, and perfectly fits with almost all car cup holders.

    With this high-quality and stylish design, the tumbler becomes a great gift for your beloved. No one could deny an adorable cat tumbler temptation. 

    How To Choose A Cat Tumbler?

    1. Cat Tumbler Designs

    Cat tumbler cup is diverse in style. You can find a variety of cat designs that fit any of your wishes. They can be varied from round shapes to flat shapes, different in their smooth look and polished appearance, not to mention thousands of colors and special cat ideas on the cup. You can even own a cool-cute mug like a black cat tumbler.

    What is more, you can also create your cup. Many stores now offer customized services so you can make your cat tumbler your own. A picture of you and your lovely cats on your takeaway cat coffee tumbler would be so adorable. 

    2. Types Of Cat Tumbler

    There are three main types of cat tumblers nowadays which are:  

    • Stainless steel tumblers: As stainless steel tumblers ensure a lifelong pure and rust-free as well as imparting no flavors, you can be totally at ease that your morning coffee and afternoon tea will not go spoilt. 

    The vacuum technology is also able to keep your drink hot for more than 9 hours or freeze the liquid for up to a day. However, do not worry about heatproof ability. The durable powder coat will surely keep your hands dry all the time. 

    • Skinny tumblers: Skinny tumblers share most similarities with stainless steel ones. The only difference is that they look much slimmer and fit most cup holders. This design makes the cup quite simple and modern. 

    They are also best-sellers for girls because girls can easily hold these skinny tumblers and take them everywhere. If you are usually out with your car, then skinny tumblers seem to be a perfect choice too.

    • Wine tumblers: The name wine tumblers may indicate to you their usages someways. Yes, this is a type of small tumbler for enjoying wine. So to keep the flavor always fresh and pure, the cups are made of high-quality stainless steel. However, other features are likely the same with these two types.

    3. Sizes Of Cat Tumbler

    Cat tumblers are offered in 4 sizes:

    • 12oz
    • 17oz 
    • 20oz
    • 30oz

    Most cat tumbler users are girls, so bestseller cups are usually 17oz and 20oz because they are light and handy. 12oz is commonly used for drinking wine, and 30oz is a little less purchased because it might be a bit big to some people.


    Overall, a cat tumbler is an adorable item that can boost your drinking appetite somehow. For those who love cats, find one for yourself now. The cup is also an ideal gift for your cat-person friends. Cat tumblers come in various styles, designs, or sizes, so anyone can easily find their perfect fit. 

    So now that you have acquired quite much about cat tumblers, go buy yourself one! We are sure that owning a lovely new cat tumbler will make your day, and you will be keener on drinking water to stay healthy.