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    Staying hydrated will keep you in good health. On hot summer days, you will sweat a lot and you need to replenish water for your body. A Chihuahua water bottle will help you to take care of your hydration level. 

    General information

    The Chihuahua bottle is a useful and adorable bottle that every chihuahua lover should have. It not only provides you water but also helps you complete your chihuahua accessories collection. 

    But on the market, there are many different models of this bottle. If you don’t know how to choose a suitable one for yourself, we can help you. Here you can find all information about a chihuahua bottle and a guide to choose it.


    Basic features

    • Material: BPA-free Tritan Plastic
    • Volume: 32oz
    • Height: 22cm 
    • Diameter: 7cm  
    • Heat resistance: up to 80°C 
    • Heat insulation effect: None


    • The 32oz size can provide you with enough water in every activity
    • Hourly time markers keep you stay on track with your water intake
    • The neckstrap and handle make it easy to carry along with you everywhere
    • The one-hand push button saves your time opening and closing the bottle
    • The leak-proof lid will lock your drink inside the bottle and prevent any spilling
    • BPA-free Tritan Plastic material is eco-friendly and safe for your health
    • The non-fading color coat keeps your bottle always like new
    • Good heat resistance allows the bottle to contain hot drinks

    Some notes

    • The bottle is not safe for any type of dishwasher. You should wash it by hand with proper detergent
    • The heat insulation effect of this bottle is little. So, it can’t remain the temperature of your drinks for a long time.

    How to choose a Chihuahua water bottle

    To choose the right water bottle, you should pay attention to the benefits it brings first. Then learn about its designs, its types, and its sizes. 

    Benefits of a chihuahua’s water bottle

    • The perfect size provides enough water for you without refilling many times. Besides, you will drink water more often when keeping a water bottle in your reach.
    • Safe materials without any harmful chemicals will ensure your health when drinking with this bottle
    • This is a reusable bottle. So, it can save you money and save our environment in comparison with single-use bottles
    • Nice appearance with diverse designs make this bottle a unique accessory or gift.
    • Reasonable price allows everyone to have a good water bottle

    Designs of chihuahua water bottles

    When choosing a water bottle, the designs will catch most of our attention. There are many designs for a chihuahua’s water bottle. 

    • Material

    The main material used to manufacture water bottles is plastic. Next comes stainless steel and glass. Each material has its pros and cons, so you can consider this when buying a water bottle

    • Shapes and sizes

    You should consider your taste and using purpose to choose the suitable shape and size.  You can choose a big bottle to keep at your desk, or a small one to bring with you. 

    • Colors and decorations

    There are many colors and decorations for a water bottle for you to choose from. When buying online, you can make your personalized bottle and write your name on it.  

    Types of water bottles

    • Plastic water bottles

    Plastic bottles are the most popular bottles you can find on the market. They have lightweight, varied designs and cheap prices. These advantages make them the favorite bottles of many people. 

    • Stainless steel water bottles

    The most remarkable advantage of these bottles is the perfect heat insulation. This is due to the double-wall with vacuum technology. Your drinks will stay hot or cold for hours in a stainless steel water bottle.

    • Glass water bottles

    Glass bottles are the less common one of the 3 types. They have elegant designs and permanent crystal clear. Thus, glass water bottles can be a perfect gift for your beloved.

    Size of water bottles

    Another important criterion to consider before picking a water bottle is size.

    • Small sizes are from 8-12oz. These bottles are suitable for containing coffee, chocolate, milk for your breakfast. 
    • Medium size bottles of 17-32oz are the most chosen ones. They will provide you with enough water but they are still easy to carry along.
    • Big-size bottles have a volume of 40oz and more. You can use these bottles to contain drinks for your family or friends when going picnic or camping.


    We have provided you with full information about the chihuahua water bottle. We hope that you’ve known how to choose your suitable bottle. Remember to drink enough water every day to stay healthy.