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    The dog Corgi is a character with a large fan base in the world. Because of his cuteness, intelligence, and wit. His image has been used by water bottle brands to produce extremely cute and convenient corgi water tracker bottles.

    What is a corgi water bottle?

    Corgi water bottles are water jugs made from plastic, glass or aluminum and stainless steel that anyone can carry with them. 

    The special thing about the corgi water bottle tracker is that the image of the corgi dog is prominently printed on the water bottle. Along with that is the milestones dividing the amount of water you need to complete, it will be very attractive.

    With such water bottles, not only children, babies, teenage boys and girls, even adults love it. When you search for the keyword corgi water bottle you will get a lot of results about these adorable corgi dog water bottles.

    Some models of water bottles have water dividers to remind, transmit positive energy to help you complete drinking enough water each day more efficiently. There are many customers who say that thanks to such divisions, they drink water much more often.

    The  special info of corgi water bottles?

    Carrying a water bottle with you has many benefits for anyone. In addition to providing enough water for the body, it can also be a decoration on the desk, flower arrangement…

    1. Benefits

    • The 32 ounce size is perfect for everyone from teens to adults. This size also provides enough water for most indoor and outdoor workouts or activities.
    • There are timelines and water levels to measure your water intake.
    • There are encouraging, inspirational quotes to help you actively drink more water.
    • Features an ergonomic neck strap and an invisible handle for convenient on-the-go carrying.
    • A removal filter to filter out impurities.
    • One-handed push button for easy bottle opening.
    • Open bottle mouth for faster water intake.

    2. Information about product

    • Material: Primary plastic/ Aluminum/ Stainless steel/ Glass.
    • Weight: 32 ounces.
    • Height: 22cm.
    • Diameter: 7cm.

    3. Product Quality

    We are committed to quality to customers with the following points:

    • We guarantee that each corgi water bottle is handcrafted with Tritan resin, aluminum, stainless iron or glass. Tritan plastic, also known as virgin plastic, is a BPA-free plastic and is extremely environmentally friendly. Other materials such as aluminum, glass and stainless steel are also environmentally friendly materials.
    • The drinking lid is the only part that uses the power of a magnet to keep the water in the bottle.
    • The durable paint will not fade, peel or crack over time. All of our customers rate it for long-lasting durability and even better grip.
    • Good high temperature resistance (up to 70°C – 80°C).


    • You should clean the water tank by hand.
    • Actual product images and dimensions may vary slightly from advertised images and sizes. Because it depends on screen size and brightness when taking pictures.

    How to choose corgi water bottle

    1. Corgi Water Bottle Designs and why should choose Water Tracker Bottle?

    The design of the water bottle greatly affects the purchase decision of the customer. Featuring fun, adorable corgi designs with watermarks and an easy-to-use strap and ear pad design. We believe this is definitely a product that everyone should own.

    Here we will send you detailed instructions on how to choose to buy a corgi water bottle.

    • Material

    The most common materials used to manufacture water bottles are plastic, stainless steel, aluminum and glass. These are all environmentally friendly materials.

    The decision to choose to buy a water bottle with any of these materials. It depends on who will use that water bottle. 

    For example, plastic bottles are best for young children. They are lightweight and come in much more colors and designs which will attract more children’s attention.

    Glass bottles will be more suitable for office workers because they rarely move. Aluminum or stainless steel bottles are suitable for those on the go because they can retain heat well.

    • Reliability

    Tritan plastic bottles are surprisingly durable. However, this durability is not comparable to aluminum or stainless steel. This is also why compared to other materials, plastic is offered at such a low price. 

    Aluminum is also a good choice in terms of both durability and lightweight. However, it also cannot last as long as those made from stainless steel or glass.

    • Faucet

    Adult water bottles have a wide selection of faucets. There are dedicated sports faucets and water bottles. The hose is again the best choice for young children.

    • Water leak

    A good water bottles should not leak out. Because you will probably leave it in your backpack, where there are many other items. You don’t want a water bottle to spill and leak all over your bag or car while you’re traveling.

    The best water bottles are those with screw-on caps. The water bottle has a removable top that provides better leak protection while the bottle is stowed away when you’re on the go.


    • Easy to clean

    During use, you must definitely clean the water tank. Most water bottles are designed to be easily cleaned with a good bottle brush. Choose bottles with as few parts as possible. Try to avoid any that have overly complicated lids, making cleaning more complicated.

    If you plan to clean the water tank in the dishwasher, please consult the salesperson before buying!

    2. Type of Water bottles

    • Cup converting flask

    This type of water bottle is a water bottle with a flip-down straw. It has a cap on the outside to protect and keep the bottle from getting dirty inside when not in use.

    You can also use this lid to make a drinking cup instead of a straw. The product often comes with a convenient carry handle, making it easy to carry when on the go.

    • Water bottle with straw

    This type of bottle has a straw, a handle and a body, the design is quite simple. With a safety valve that prevents water from leaking during use, this is a suitable bottle for adults and also kids.

    • Only lid and body

    This is a common type of vessel of materials such as aluminum and stainless steel. Extremely minimalist design with only bottle body, lid and filter. Users can use it to hold ice, hot water, make tea or coffee,…

    3. Size of water bottle

    Bottles come in standard sizes, measured in ounces. The recommended daily water intake for toddlers is 44 OZ of fluid per day. For adults 72 OZ of fluid per day. Thus, a bottle of 12 to 18 OZ will be enough to help children maintain water for 3 -4 hours. A 32 OZ water bottle is the right size for an adult.

    Final Words

    Choosing to buy a Corgi water bottle is not too difficult. However, please carefully consider the factors that we have just shared to choose the right water bottle for your needs!