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    Babies do not yet realize how important it is to stay hydrated. Therefore, to support and stimulate the children to drink more water, parents should buy them lovely water bottles. 

    When the children go to school or participate in activities, the lovely dinosaur water tracker bottle will help them remember that they have to drink water. It’s meaningful, isn’t it?

    About dinosaur water bottle

    Dinosaur water bottle is simply a dino water bottle designed and shaped into lovely dinosaurs. Or the motifs on the sides of the vase are dinosaurs. These lovely patterns and shapes will stimulate the baby’s vision and love for the product.

    From there, the children will love more than drinking water every day. Some manufacturers even make dinosaur-shaped water bottles that glow in the dark. It is worth it for parents to spend money to buy for their children, isn’t it?

    These cute dinosaur water bottles are great for helping your little one remember that he or she needs to drink enough water. Children’s water bottles are made from virgin plastic. 

    With a capacity of up to 400ml, neither too little nor too big and just enough for babies. The product has an ergonomic wrist strap along with a pop-up straw. Make it easy for your baby to drink water without opening the lid.

    The  special benefit of dinosaur water bottles?

    Carrying a water bottle with you will have many benefits for your baby. For example, when your baby is riding a bike on the road, he can stop, pop the lid and refuel with a small sip of water. 

    With a capacity of 400ml, the volume is not too heavy, but it can still hold enough water to supply your baby until he comes home.


    • Size 14 ounces, perfect for your baby to be outdoors for 3-4 hours.
    • Features a handy neck strap and an invisible handle that fits the baby’s hand. Very convenient for children to bring to school and outdoor activities.
    • Same as other water bottle models. The baby water bottle also has a filter to help the baby filter the decanter.
    • One-handed push buttons help children open bottles easily.
    • Open bottle mouth for faster water intake.

    Product information:

    • Material: Tritan Plastic
    • Weight: 14 ounces
    • Height: 18cm
    • Diameter: 5cm
    • Good price.
    • Clean by hand.

    In terms of quality

    Due to lighting effects and different screen sizes, the actual color and size of the products may be slightly different from the advertised images.

    • We guarantee that each of our dinosaur insulated water bottles is handmade with Tritan plastic. This is BPA-free plastic and extremely eco-friendly.
    • The drink cap is the only part that uses the power of a magnet to keep your baby’s water locked.
    • The durable color coating will not easily fade, peel or crack over time. All of our customers rate it for long-lasting durability and even more grip.
    • Good high temperature resistance (up to 70°C – 80°C).

    How to choose dinosaur water bottle

    1. Dinosaur ưater bottle designs and why should choose ưater tracker bottler

    The design of the water bottle is very important for children during outdoor activities. So you should choose water bottles with eye-catching designs, along with being suitable for your baby’s hands. Although there is a strap for the baby to carry around. But a vase that is too small will be difficult to hold when opening the lid.

    Dinosaurs with different colors and types. Or the dinosaur vase that glows at night is also one of the options that you can consider. You also need to keep the following factors in mind:

    • Material

    The most common materials used to manufacture water pitchers are plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, and glass.

    In which plastic material is best for young children. Because they are light in weight, more colors and designs are possible. Plastic material is also easier to replace and more attractive to your child.

    Aluminum has the same strength as stainless steel and glass. However, it has a slight advantage. This is also an option for babies that parents can consider.

    • Safety

    Plastic dinosaur drink bottles are the first choice of most parents for their babies because of the safety it brings. Safety here means that water bottles are free of potentially harmful chemicals. Therefore, parents are required to choose bottles that are certified to be free of BPA, BPS and PVC.

    Another alternative for parents is a water bottle made from stainless steel or aluminum. These two materials are stronger and more durable but they are also heavier than plastic bottles. However, producing a dinosaur water bottle on this material will be much more difficult.

    • Reliability

    Plastic bottles are surprisingly durable. However, it cannot be compared with water bottles made from aluminum, stainless steel or glass. Deciding which material to choose will depend on your child’s age and intended use.

    • Faucet

    A hose is the best option if you are buying a water bottle for a young child. This soft spout helps protect your baby’s growing teeth. Additionally, they can also minimize unwanted spills. Such as tripping or your child will chew them.

    2. Type of Water bottles

    • Cup converting flask

    This water bottle has a straw that can be flipped down. It also has a protective cap to keep the bottle closed and clean when not in use. 

    You can also pour water out of this lid to drink instead of using a straw. The product has a convenient carrying handle, making it easier for your child to transport when on the go.

    • Water bottle with straw

    This type of bottle only has a straw, handle and body. The handle is designed to be comfortable, making it easy for children to carry with them. 

    At the same time, the valve is child-safe, and has the effect of preventing the lid from popping out when in use. The product does not have a strap so it is suitable for putting in a backpack.

    3. Size of water bottle

    You are looking to buy a water bottle for children, you need to pay attention to the size of the water bottle.

    There are two main sizing concerns that you need to keep in mind, capacity and package size.

    Suit is the show. You need a milk jug that can fill you with enough water or juice whenever you leave the house. A 400ml water bottle is just beautiful for your search.

    Water bottles come in standard sizes, measured in ounces. Just for your understanding, the recommended daily intake of water for toddlers is 44 quality OZ per day. 

    Thus, the variable size of the water bottle is from 12 to 18 OZ. This size is enough to help you get through the trip to the length of 3-4 times but does not meet more problems.

    This size also helps you to be easy on the backpack of the child without too many obstacles.

    Final Words

    We hope this article is helpful to you to choose a cute dinosaur water bottle for your baby. You can choose the right water bottle for your baby.