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In the search for environmentally friendly and sustainable houseware, the modern world has discovered the Tumbler. It’s a drink container that can retain temperature. Many companies have released different Tumbler designs to attract customers. One of the most common designs is relating to animals, as most users prefer cute housewares of their pets. Because of that trend, we have recently witnessed the introduction of the Dog Tumbler. This product can serve as a functional and decorative household or a gift for special events. The method of choosing an appropriate Tumbler might seem easy because, in the end, it’s only to carry your drink. However, making the wrong decision can result in a bad experience or even cause many health issues. That is why in this post, we will show you how to make the best choice!

Dog Tumbler Details 

Stainless Steel Tumbler 20oz, 30 oz 

This model can contain up to 20 and 30 oz of liquid at a dimension of 3.5" x 2.7" x 6.8" (Top Diameter x Bottom Diameter x Height). Such generous space would easily satisfy travelers.  On to its material, just as the name refers, this Tumbler possesses the Premium grade copper lined 18/8 stainless steel coat. It can be of great help to anyone who travels a lot by maintaining the temperature for up to 12 hours. And of course, hot or cold water is no longer a big problem. The brand extends the maximum time that our Tumbler maintains the beverage’s heat by attaching the Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation. This technology is quite popular in this segment. It’s the combination of two steel walls separated by a vacuum.  Resulting from the layer of a vacuum existing inside the Tumbler, this product is Not Dishwasher Safe. Because if you expose it to high heat and water, you destroy the vacuum layer that supports its abilities. To ensure user’s safety, this Tumbler comes with the label of BPA-Free. Removing BPA in the process of producing this good helps prevent any potential health risks for users.

Skinny Tumbler 17 oz 

Our Skinny Tumbler has some similar features to the stainless steel above. It offers the Premium grade copper lined 18/8 stainless steel shield with the Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation technology.  Besides profitable materials, the BPA-Free and Not Dishwasher Safe are also crucial attributes of this product’s base. However, the Skinny Tumbler is for sure skinnier than its brother. Capable of containing only 17 oz of liquid inside its 2.6" x 9.3" (Outside Diameter x Height) body, it can only suit short trip purposes.  The advantage of its slim appearance, many people use it as presents for their beloved ones. Moreover, it fits quite well during car trips and parties and would come in handy at home or in your offices.

How To Choose Dog Tumbler 

After screening through those amazing Tumblers, let’s get on to the method of choosing the right mug for you.

Dog Tumbler Designs

Personalizing your mug will give you a sense of comfort and satisfaction without having to regret your purchase decision. Make sure you are buying the Tumbler for daily purposes by considering where and when you will be using it. The good news is that there are several interesting designs in the market waiting for you. For example, there are cups with support handles or even with lids that are easy to slide out. Some Dog Tumbler even launches different models such as Dog Mom Tumbler, Dog Lover Tumbler, etc.

Type Of Tumblers

Though there are many types of Tumbler, we would like to recommend three specific common types that many users favor.

Stainless Steel Tumbler 

This product often comes with the biggest capacity. Therefore, it would be a wise option if you usually travel, have to stay out all day long, or tend to drink a lot of water. Skinny Tumbler Containing a smaller amount of liquid, the Skinny Tumbler can be an alternative to your normal cups at home or offices that can’t retain heat. Also, if you have to travel inside your car for a while, it can be of great help.  Wine Tumbler The Wine Tumbler was born due to the unpleasant feeling of wine getting warmer. This product is usually there to contain wine, beer, and even cocktails. Some even use it to replace the Skinny Tumbler on holding coffee and tea because it’s way handier. Though it’s the smallest capacity mug, the delicate appearance it provides has won many customers' hearts. 

Size Of Tumblers     

Knowing how and why you need a tumbler enables you to consider choosing between different sizes.  Tumbler’s size ranges from 12oz to 30oz, so there are many options for users. While the Wine Tumbler often contains 12oz of liquid, the Skinny one makes its way up to 17oz or sometimes even 20oz of liquid. Nevertheless, the most impressive Stainless Steel Tumbler defeats them all by its 30oz of liquid capacity. In addition, for home and office usages, the Wine and Skinny Tumbler can fit just right. In contrast, the Stainless Steel model will be your ideal mug on long journeys.

Final Thought 

Reading our post above must have provided you with detailed information on how to choose a Dog Tumbler. Purchasing and using one not only pleases your passion for puppies but also saves our planet by reducing plastic goods in your trash bin. Let’s pick up your phone and place an order now!