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    The cozy dragonfly throw blanket can cover your entire body. It is large enough to accommodate more than one person comfortably under.

    The soft dragonfly throw blanket is lightweight and sturdy. It is easy to transport while camping, hiking, on vacations, or a picnic.

    The throw blanket is ideal for cuddling up on the couch, reading a book, watching TV, resting in your living room or bedroom. 


    This high-quality soft and comfortable dragonfly throw blanket does not shed. It offers extra softness and warmth to your afternoon sleep in the bed. 


    The beautiful dragonfly pattern offers an elegant appearance to match your space with a chic sensation. With this elegant design, you can add extra texture to your decor and turn your room into an inviting space.


    The blanket is extremely soft and lightweight. It resists wrinkles and fading, does not shed, and is excellent for all seasons.

    Easy To Use

    You can throw this blanket over furniture such as chairs, beds, or sofas. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage to offer constant warmth in cold weather.

    Machine Washable

    The blanket is easy to care for, simply wash in the washing machine on cold with gentle detergent. You can dry it quickly on tumble dry low, with no need for ironing or costly cleaning.


    The precise stitchings strengthen seam connections for long-lasting use. With exquisite craftsmanship, it will not fray or wear quickly. 


    This affordable blanket will not only look wonderful in your house but make an excellent present for your loved ones.


    The cozy dragonfly throw blanket is suitable for usage by both children and adults. You can enjoy your family’s joyful hours with this warm blanket while cuddling and watching your favorite TV series.