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    Water bottles are quite close and familiar, and common items in human life. Especially, that product is diverse and rich with many eye-catching designs or textures, so many people love and choose.

    Suppose you intend to choose to buy or renew your water bottle but do not know which product to choose. We have a great suggestion for you, the Dragonfly water bottle! Below we have compiled the best-rated models, designs, and styles of water bottles for you to choose from. Let’s refer!


    General information about the product


    • Material: Tritan Plastic
    • Volume: 32 ounces
    • Height: 22cm
    • Diameter: 7cm


    • BPA-free, eco-friendly.
    • The lid contains a magnet to keep the water bottle locked, avoiding spillage.
    • The paint of the water bottle is durable and has high adhesion.
    • Good high-temperature resistance, up to 70°C – 80°C.


    • The product has an average size of 32-ounce, suitable for sports training sessions or outdoor activities.
    • This model features an hourly timeline design to control your water intake.
    • The bottle comes with a neck strap and handles for convenient carrying.
    • Besides, this design also integrates a filter to help remove impurities in the water, very safe.
    • The water bottle has a one-handed push button on the lid that makes it easy to drink water while jogging or exercising without stopping.
    • In addition, the mouth of the water bottle can be extended to help get water into the bottle faster.

    Tips for choosing suitable dragonfly water bottle for individuals and families

    Water bottle material

    On the market today, popular materials to produce water tracker bottles are high-grade hard plastic, glass, or powder-coated stainless steel. With different product characteristics for other use effects.

    • Plastic material: Cheap, light, compact, convenient to carry, many models to choose from. However, durability and heat retention are not appreciated. The product is not usually used to store hot water; after a period of use, it will lead to yellowing, scratches, and difficulty cleaning.
    • Glass material: The cost is higher than plastic water bottles. The product is safe for health, easy to clean, odorless, and has high aesthetics. Besides, it also has a stable heat resistance and is not too expensive. However, when using, be careful to avoid breaking the bottle.
    • Stainless steel material: High cost, good heat resistance, and heat retention. The product is easy to clean, does not stick to odors, and has beautiful aesthetics. In particular, this material has higher durability than the above two materials, and the price of the product is quite high.

    Model and design of water bottle

    The designs of dragonfly water bottles are quite diverse, so users can freely choose to buy products according to their preferences.

    Besides, color is also very important in the design of dragonfly water bottles. It not only shows the user’s preferences or personality but also has high feng shui.

    The shape design of the water bottle is also quite rich. There are types designed specifically for individuals, families, offices… However, you should pay attention to choose products with tight lids or open lids, handles for convenience when using or carrying.

    It does not affect the quality of use, but it helps users to express their style. Choosing a dragonfly-shaped water bottle with a good design and color suitable for your age will help you feel more confident when using it.

    Maximum capacity of water bottle

    Based on how much water you want to bring and use during your time outside. You should choose a type with an appropriate capacity, usually from 0.8 – 1.2 liters. This is right for the needs of water use and not too bulky and inconvenient to carry with you.

    If used for family, you can choose a water bottle with a larger capacity of about 1.5 – 2.5 liters.

    For special drinks such as coffee and tea that do not need too large a capacity, you should choose a smaller degree under 500ml.

    Cover design

    Choose a water bottle with a screw cap design to ensure that water does not overflow. Some models of water bottles can turn on the lid, have a faucet to regulate the water out for direct use, which is very convenient.

    There are also some dragonfly water bottle designs with a large bottle cap. They can usually be used in place of a drinking cup, allowing you to share water with friends.

    Accessories included

    When choosing to buy a water tracker water bottle for individuals, you need to pay attention to the product’s features with an attached hook for convenient transportation.

    Some products have specialized bags, water bottle cooler bags, stylish hand-held leather cases, etc., but the price will be higher.

    Choosing a water bottle with a straw can be ideal for situations where you need to drink on the go, such as riding a bike or running, sitting on a bus or car. The straw allows you to keep working without stopping to open the lid, and water won’t spill out when you try to drink.

    Production brand

    Dragonfly water bottle production brand is quite diverse, with many choices for consumers. You should choose to buy at big, reputable brands with quality and safety certifications for users’ health. Because they usually provide complete information about ingredients and recommendations for use, etc.

    Price of the product

    The price of dragonfly water bottles varies with many segments, with products from just a few dollars to several tens of dollars. 

    Depending on the financial and usage needs, buyers will have comparisons and evaluations of products with reasonable prices.


    Above is the information about dragonfly water bottles that we want to share with you. Hopefully, this useful information will help people make the right choices for their needs.

    Hope you find the right product for you soon.

    Thanks for reading the entire post!