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The bedding set always plays an essential role in the bedroom. It will bring comfort and good sleep to you after a tiring working day. It won’t be a surprise when the Elephant bedding set brings you health!

Category Description

You are an animal lover and especially an elephant. So, it’s time to reinvent the bedding set with your favorite images. Let’s learn more about the Elephant bedding set right here!


The elephant has long been a symbol of strength and is associated with ancient cultures. It not only makes humans love but also curious about their power.

Exploiting those points, designers often market Elephant bedding sets with unique designs. Possibly cute Elephant image.

However, the design that stands out and gets the most attention is the Elephant image and ancient motifs. The fancy textures, proportionate with many unique patterns, really attract viewers.

I bet when you see those pictures, you will want to buy them immediately.



To bring good sleep and absolute comfort to users, the manufacturer has used microfibers to weave duvet and pillow covers.

Some high-quality products bring comfort and ease to customers every time they use them. A remote locking system avoids injury.

The fabric is also straightforward to clean and hard to attract dust.


The manufacturer uses the latest 3D printing technology with these Elephant bedding models. Images on duvet and pillowcases are high resolution, clear and sharp.

Especially when there are more ancient motifs, it increases the fanciful beauty. Duvet and pillowcase covers are durable and hard to fade.


Elephant bedding sets come in different sizes. You are free to choose the right size for your duvet and pillow core.

Pillowcase size is 29″ x 19″

The duvet cover has optional sizes such as:

  • Twin: 68″ x 86″
  • Full/Double: 79″ x 90″
  • Queen: 90″ x 90″
  • King: 104″ x 90″


If you’re looking for a bold and mysterious style, change to your bedroom. Elephant bedding set is a great choice.

It will surely satisfy you with hundreds of different models for you to choose from. Hopefully, our sharing will bring you a better night’s sleep!