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    Cups are familiar everyday items of people. Sometimes you will find it quite boring and normal. Why don’t you change it to Frenchie Mug? A Frenchie Mug decorated with your favorite dog will make you feel newer. You will probably use it often because of its cuteness.

    This mug has many different designs and styles for you to choose from. They are particularly eye-catching and easy to use. If you are wondering and do not know how to choose Frenchie Mug. Follow our sharing below to make the correct final decision!

    How to choose Frenchie Mug?

    Sometimes you don’t just need to buy a great mug. You need to choose and consider carefully.

    Pay attention to some of the following factors to choose the right cup for you:

    • Material
    • Size
    • Shape
    • Decorative colors & textures

    Our subsequent detailed analysis below will help you quickly find the right Frenchie mug.

    1. Material

    The material of the product will determine the quality. That’s why manufacturers always pay great attention to the material of their products.

    Most mugs on the market are available in stainless steel, hard plastic or 18/8 steel. They are versatile and durable.

    Frenchie mug too! You can choose from the highest quality stainless steel mugs on the market.

    However, Frenchie mugs often use ceramic materials. Ceramic has high heat resistance without causing harmful substances. It’s very safe and user-friendly.

    Ceramic material is perfectly suitable for holding drinks. It has good heat retention and can keep high-temperature drinks.

    However, there are some limitations such as:

    • Quite heavyweight
    • Easily broken on impact

    So in the case of carrying a cup on the go, you need to pay attention.

    In cases where you need to carry your mug for long distances, choose a stainless steel mug. It tends to be lighter and does not affect impact.

    2. Size

    Frenchie mugs are very diverse in size. You can use it for many different objects and jobs.

    Here are some basic sizes you can choose from:

    • Standard cup size: 11 oz, 3.75″ high, 3″ diameter
    • Large cup size: 15 oz, 4.5″ high, 3.25″ in diameter
    • Large Size: 20 oz, height 5.75″ x diameter 3.25″

    Depending on the job, the type of drink, you should choose the right mug for you.

    3. Shape

    The designs of most mugs are simple and easy to use. They don’t have too many fancy patterns.

    The cup’s body is usually a circular cylinder with the same diameter as the bottom and the cup’s mouth. Each cup has a convenient handle, and you can use it when the cup contains hot drinks.

    4. Decorative colors and textures

    To increase choice for customers, the manufacturer launches many models of cups with different colors.


    Most mugs have a white background. However, some background patterns have richer colors, such as black, pink, or blue.

    The decorative motifs of the Frenchie mug are the images of the Frenchie. They are so adorable and attractive.

    Not only do lovely images appear, but the manufacturer also creates unique details, for example, the image of Frenchie playing or in a naughty state.

    If you are an animal lover, you definitely cannot ignore this cup!

    Frenchie mug designs

    The manufacturer launches many different special Frenchie cups on the market. They are not only beautiful to look at but also highly convenient.

    Frenchie coffee mug

    Coffee is a familiar drink for many people. Sipping a cup of hot coffee every morning with a Frenchie cup will certainly be interesting.


    With high-quality ceramic material, you can rest assured of using hot water. Mug can also keep the temperature of the coffee perfectly.

    Frenchie dad mug

    Frenchie dad can be a unique and exciting cup template that you give your dad. The cup is not only a convenient item but also a meaningful gift.


    Dad can use it as a familiar accompaniment to a variety of drinks.

    Why should you choose a Frenchie mug?

    The reasons for you to choose this cup are many. In this article, I will share with you some of the main reasons why the Frenchie cup is worth buying:

    • It has a simple and practical design, easy to use
    • High-quality material, harmless to health and environment
    • You can use it for a variety of drinks
    • You can use a safe and convenient hot water mug
    • Designed with an easy-to-use handle
    • Decorative motifs with Frenchie catch the eye and attract viewers
    • You can use it as a gift for your loved ones and family
    • Reasonable price


    Through the sharing in the above article, you can see that the Frenchie mug is an item worth buying. It is not difficult to choose a cup that is right for you.

    The detailed instructions that we share with you in this article will help you find the right mug quickly!