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    Are you a gaming enthusiast? Can you take the game to sleep with you? For gamer throw blanket, the answer is definitely “yes”.

    Not only bringing a new space to the bedroom, this blanket also helps you sleep with the game. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Join us to learn more about it!

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    Game consoles are no longer strange to each of us. You can play games for entertainment even while dining.

    However, you can also bring it to your sleep. Right! The gamer throw blanket is an excellent blanket with a unique visual design.

    Its game textures will surely make you feel excited. It has many different colors and designs for you to choose. I guess it will take you hours to choose your favorite blanket!

    It not only brings warmth but also brings excitement to you. You will have a better sleep with it!


    • Material

    To suit many different customers, manufacturers have diversified the materials to make products. You can choose blankets from soft sherpa fleece. Or duvet cover from high-quality cotton fabric.

    The core of the blanket is polyester microfiber which is cool and soft. It is hypoallergenic and quickly warms you up in your sleep.

    • Picture

    Gamer throw blankets using modern 3D printing technology. The patterns on the blanket appear crisp and vivid.


    You can customize the size of this blanket to suit your bed. There are 3 popular sizes for you to choose from:

    • Twin: 51″ x 60″
    • Queen: 68″ x 80″
    • King: 88″ x 104″


    Above is all the information about the gamer throw blanket. It not only creates excitement but also helps you have a great experience with better sleep!

    Hopefully, after the above information, you can choose a suitable blanket