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    A Golden Retriever water bottle is an essential item that every dog owner must own because of the convenience they bring.

    Golden Retriever is a dog that loves outdoor activities and loves to run, so the amount of water in their body must always be ensured. So, with a compact design, lightweight material, you can easily carry the portable water bottle when traveling with your dog anywhere. This way, you will always be sure to get enough water for your dog.

    However, to buy a good Retriever Water Bottle and best suited for your Golden Retriever, it should be on some of the following criteria.


    Product information

    1. Important parameters

    • Material: Tritan resin
    • Weight: 32 ounces
    • Height: 22cm
    • Diameter: 7cm

    2. Advantages

    • At 32 ounces it’s the perfect choice for most training sessions or long hours of activity for your dog.
    • Mark the hourly time to measure your water intake.
    • An ergonomic neck strap and a carry handle make it convenient to take on the go.
    • A quality filter to filter impurities.
    • One-handed push-button for easy bottle opening.
    • The largemouth of the bottle helps you get water in faster.
    • Due to the different monitor and light effects, the actual color and size of the item may be slightly different from the pictures shown on the screen.
    • Each of our water bottles is with Tritan plastic – BPA-free, safe for health, and extremely eco-friendly.
    • The lid of the water tank uses the power of a magnet to keep the water in the bottle from leaking.
    • The outer shell of the bottle will not fade, peel or crack with long-term use and also provides extra adhesion.
    • Good heat resistance (up to 70°C – 80°C), but please note that the flask does not provide much insulation.

    How to choose Golden Retriever Water Bottle? 

    First, you need to determine your intended use to choose the most suitable type of bottle. If you have to go long distances and your dog is large, you need to buy a large capacity tank and prefer a lighter material for easy portability. 

    Or your dog has a sensitive digestive system. You are worried about the water quality; a bottle with a water filter will help you solve this problem.

    1. Capacity

    Retriever Water Bottle has many types with different capacities. Some hold 5 ounces, and others hold up to 30 ounces. Your choices will depend on the size of your dog. 

    And the next time, you add water to the bottle along the way. As an extra note, the temperature and type of activity will affect how much water your dog needs.

    The Golden is a medium-sized, active dog that will require more water than other breeds. So, a bottle with a capacity of over 15 ounces will save you from having to refill water too many times.

    2. Material

    On the market, there are three common types of Retriever Water Bottle materials: stainless steel, plastic, and silicone. 

    In particular, stainless steel is the most chosen by consumers because of its durability and good heat retention. However, the disadvantage of steel material is that it is quite heavy. In case you have to go far or carry a lot of bulky items, you should consider this type.

    If weight or price is your concern, you can choose plastic because it is light and cheap. In addition, the silicone material also meets the criteria of being lightweight, flexible, and easy to clean with the dishwasher.

    However, our Golden is a dog that loves to hunt and pick up items. So, a steel water bottle will be a highly appreciated choice.

    3. Drinking feature

    Most dog water bottles are usually composed of a water bottle. And, a water bowl for your dog to drink, with an interconnected design to save space and facilitate transportation. So make sure that the shape and design of the water bowl will fit your dog’s mouth, making it comfortable to drink.

    Another feature you should also appreciate is the controlled amount of water. when pouring from the bottle to the bowl, you can remove waste time draining the water back into the bottle. 

    This function will help you not to wastewater and prevent contaminants from flowing back into the bottle. If the type of water bottle you like to buy does not have this function, the solution is that you can purchase an external filter separately.

    4. Quality

    You don’t want the water in the tank to leak into your dog’s travel bag. Therefore, you need to check the water bottle for leaks before buying, especially if the thread on the water bottle’s mouth is properly screwed. Whether or not there is a leak when turning the tank upside down.

    You should be most concerned about whether the material. And, the price of the product you buy ensures quality, safety, health, and durability over time.

    5. Water filters

    Golden Retriever has a common skin allergy for this dog, so its water quality needs to be clean and safe. 

    If you want to go on a backpacking trip with Golden or go for a long walk and drink water anywhere, the “water filter” is very important to ensure your dog’s health. And, you will also feel secure when giving it to their travel throughout the trip.


    The above summarizes some criteria and information when you want to choose a good and most suitable Golden Retriever Water Bottle for your dog. Hopefully, you will buy the product you like and help your dog be more comfortable