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    Horse images on blankets always create a special feeling. Naturally, it will keep you warm, but visual inspiration can help you sleep better. Learn about this fantastic horse throw blanket with us!

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    With a strong horse throw image on the blanket, your whole bedroom atmosphere will change. Unique and vivid patterns are always clearly displayed on the blanket.

    To diversify the products, the designer created many different images on each blanket. The image can be a horse or a herd of horses on a green prairie.

    The design not only brings variety it also inspires users through realistic images.

    I’m sure you’ll like more than one design when you go through the templates!


    • Material

    To suit many different customers, manufacturers have diversified the materials to make products. You can choose blankets from soft sherpa fleece. Or from high-quality cotton fabric.

    The core of the blanket is polyester microfiber which is cool and soft. It is hypoallergenic and quickly warms you up in your sleep.

    • Picture

    Horse throw blanket uses modern 3D printing technology. The patterns on the blanket appear crisp and vivid.


    You can customize the size of this blanket to suit your bed. There are 3 popular sizes for you to choose from:

    • Twin: 51″ x 60″
    • Queen: 68″ x 80″
    • King: 88″ x 104″


    Above is the information about the horse throw blanket that we provide to you. The image of horses on this blanket is sure to bring a new style to your bedroom.

    Hopefully, after the above information, you can choose a suitable blanket!

    Thank you for reading!