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    If you have ever seen the movie about the dog Togo. It is the smart naughty dog, not afraid of blizzards. It brought a vaccine with its teammates to save the villagers’ lives. You will definitely want a husky coffee mug to remember this dog.

    What should you consider when choosing a husky mug?

    Before we buy anything, we need to check the product and quality before making a decision. For a mug too, you should consider some of its characteristics to choose the mug you have to buy. We give you the following criteria when buying a husky mug.


    1. Material

    The main material used and accepted by the market to make the husky mug is high-grade ceramic.

    Ceramic material has been around for thousands of years. Its made from clay completely safe for health and environmentally friendly. It is completely free of lead, harmful chemicals, or harmful to the environment.

    The premium ceramic material makes it easy to clean. It’s also dishwasher or microwave safe.

    Ceramics are materials that can withstand high heat. So you can use them to reheat drinks or water baths…

    In addition to the usual uses of a mug such as drinking water, coffee, tea, … You can use them as gifts for friends, relatives, partners.

    2. Size

    Like other mug patterns, you have many sizes to choose from with this husky mug pattern. Here are a few common sizes that we send to you for reference.

    The size for the small mug used to drink tea and coffee is from 8 oz to 10 oz.

    With size 11 oz – 20 oz you can use it to hold large amounts of water, iced coffee, smoothies, fruit juices,…

    You should consider your purpose and beverage consumption to choose the right size. Small size 8-10oz suitable and often used at home, or tea and coffee shops. This is the perfect size to enjoy the full flavor of a hot cup of coffee.

    The average size 11-15oz is the most popular choice. With this size, you can comfortably enjoy your drink. You don’t need to refill the cup again and again.

    20oz large size can not only hold your drink but also can hold topping like ice cream, jelly, fruit. This cup is also suitable for people who like to drink a lot.

    3. Color

    White is the color we most often see in mugs made from high-grade ceramics. The white color gives a clean and luxurious feeling. The pattern printed on the white mug will also stand out more. 

    At the same time, the white color helps users feel the taste of their drinks better. You can also easily find stains on the white cup to clean.

    Now, with advanced enamel technology, you can have more options than white. For example, a modified enamel mug will have an eye-catching and attractive blue color.

    4. Patterns

    There are dozens of different patterns, which are different expressions of husky dogs. Every model is attractive and lovely. Each cup has a printed pattern on both sides.

    When you shop online, you can choose your favorite patterns and sayings to add to your mug. So a husky mug can be a meaningful and cute gift for your loved ones.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the most suitable material for a Husky mug?

    Ceramic is always the best material to choose when making cups. Ceramics help keep heat longer and are more durable over time. It also keeps the perfect tea or coffee flavor. This type of material does not absorb or add flavors, helping the coffee get its original flavor. 

    Moreover, this type of material is very safe because it does not contain lead and cadmium. Besides, you can also find a few other mugs made from stainless steel or aluminum. Yet, ceramics are the most popular.

    2. What is the most commonly used mug size?

    A typical coffee-specific mug has a capacity of 8 to 10 ounces. This is the ideal mug for drip tea or coffee drinkers. You can buy the blind in 11 – 15 ounce capacities to provide regular water or juice drinks such as smoothies, or fruit. If you want a mug that stands out, choose 15 oz to 20 oz.

    3. Is it true that porcelain mugs keep coffee hot?

    A porcelain mug will never keep your coffee hot as long as a vacuum insulated steel mug. Yet, people still often use porcelain cups to make coffee. 

    Because it retains the original flavor of the coffee. If you heat the cup before you make the coffee, you can keep the coffee hot for longer.

    Final Words

    Choosing to buy a husky mug in the sales program of the e-commerce site may help you get fast shipping. Anyway, give it a try!