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    We should drink at least two liters of water every day to maintain a healthy body. But life is so busy that many people seem to forget to replenish water for the body. That is the reason why more and more customers choose to buy mermaid water tracker bottles. 

    The mermaid water tracker bottle is useful because it reminds the user how much water they drink each day. In this article, we will give you an overview of Mermaid Water Bottle.

    What is a mermaid water bottle?

    Mermaid Water Bottle is a type of water bottle with built-in markers to track the amount of water. It has a lightweight design with eye-catching colors. You can easily carry it with you and use it every day. Customers want to express their personality and lifestyle through such a personalized product.

    In particular, Mermaid Water Bottle has a very high and long-lasting ability to keep cold. It is suitable for people who play sports, outdoor activities and people with busy work. This type of water bottle has a strap and handle for convenient carrying. Its durability and safety are high thanks to the Tritan resin.

    The  special benefit of mermaid water bottles?

    Mermaid drink bottles are a great benefit to encourage users to drink enough water every day. The manufacturer pays attention to details to have the most convenience for users.

    This tracker bottle has a 32 ounce capacity. This is equal to about 1 liter. It has a height of 22cm and a diameter of 7cm. This size is just enough and convenient for most workouts and activities. It is convenient for those who like to play sports such as climbing, cycling, trekking. Because it does not take up too much space to hinder you.

    A neck strap and handle for convenient carrying. You can take it with you on hiking or hiking trails.

    The product also has a filter to remove impurities in the water. You won’t need to worry about dirt getting in the water on your way. This filter will keep those impurities until you drink all the water in the bottle.

    The opening lid of the mermaid water tracker bottle is a one-handed push button type. The one-handed push button style is easy to open and close. 

    You don’t have to worry about it leaking in advance because this cap is very sturdy. The only drink lid that uses the power of magnets to keep your water, beer, or favorite drink on lock. Wide bottle mouth for faster water intake. This is a very convenient design for use.

    Especially hard Tritan plastic is the material of the mermaid drink bottle. Tritan resin is durable and BPA free. It is absolutely safe for users’ health. It’s even extremely eco-friendly. The durability of this plastic is very high. So it can avoid scratches on long distances and mountain climbing.

    A benefit of this type of pitcher is the ability to have an hourly timestamp to measure your water intake. It is compact and convenient for people who love sports and outdoor activities. 

    At the same time, it helps remind users to drink enough water needed for a long day of activities.

    The product has good heat resistance up to 80 degrees Celsius without deformation. Your water will stay cold all day even though the flask is in a warm environment. But please note that the bottle has little heat insulation effect.

    This is the perfect water bottle, but  take care of your hydration level during workouts. It can help you stay hydrated while you’re working out or cycling on the road. Remember to bring a bottle and drink enough water to get the most out of your workouts.

    Please note that it may be due to different monitors and light effects. The actual color and size of the product may be slightly different from the pictures shown.

    How to choose a mermaid water bottle?

    1.   Mermaid water bottle designs

    Design is an important factor when choosing a water bottle. You should pay attention to the lid, handle and material when choosing. Make sure the design of these parts is most convenient for you during use.

    2.   Why should choose Water Tracker Bottle

    Outdoor enthusiasts always love Water Tracker Bottle. This type of water bottle has built-in markers to track the amount of water. It reminds users to drink enough water when exercising. 

    A Water Tracker Bottle is an indispensable item that they always carry with them. That’s also why you should buy yourself one.

    3.   Type of mermaid water bottles

    Currently, there are many types of water bottles. Each type has different advantages and disadvantages. You must consider choosing the right type to meet your needs.

    4.   Size of mermaid water bottles

    The size of the water tank is also an equally important factor when choosing a water bottle. We recommend choosing a water bottle sized like the Mermaid Water Bottle. This size is both compact and can hold the necessary amount of water.

    Above is information about Mermaid Water Bottle. It really is a handy water dispenser. You have consulted this information. Now consider whether to choose a water bottle?