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    Being a nurse is a very busy job. But you have to keep your health good to be able to take care of patients. So, always stay hydrated. Bringing a water bottle along with you is a good idea, especially when you have to work on the night shift.

    Currently, there are many models of nurse water bottles for you to choose from. Today, we will give you all the details of a bottle. There’s also a guide for how to choose a water bottle. Besides, much useful information on types of water bottles is available here. 

    All about a nurse water bottle

    There are many models of nurse water bottles with different colors and designs. But in general, they all have common features. 

    With a volume of 0.9l, you will not have to refill the bottle many times. The common material used to make bottles is BPA-free Tritan plastic. This material is safe for health. The lid with a leak-proof design will prevent water from leaking outside. 

    Every water bottle has a handle that makes it easy to carry on the go. The one-hand-push button helps you save time to open and close the bottle. All you have to do is make a simple push.

    Besides, a water bottle has a typical appearance for nurses. There are pictures and sayings of the nursing profession on the bottle. The colors are also various. Thus, you have many choices when you want to buy a water bottle.

    How to choose a nurse water bottle

    Now let’s move to the guide to choose a water bottle.

    1. Nurse water bottle designs and why you should choose

    Other than the common features above, nurse water bottles have different designs. This is to please the predilection of consumers. 

    • Material: Besides BPA-free Tritan plastic, water bottles are also made of vinyl, glass, or stainless steel.
    • Color: Most plastic or glass water bottles are transparent and colorless. But some of them still have colors such as pink, green, grey, and so on. Vinyl water bottles are more varied in colors. 
    • Decoration: This is what makes a water bottle’s features. On the bottle, there are usually pictures about the nursing profession. They may be a picture of a nurse or a stylized stethoscope. Besides, there are a lot of cute and significant sayings about the nursing profession. 

    For the nurse water tracker bottle, there are time markers on the bottle to show the amount of water consumption hour-by-hour. You can also find personalized nurse water bottles with your name on them. 

    • Shape: The shape of water bottles also varies. There are large or small bottle-neck  water bottles. Many other trending shapes are available. A water bottle is very useful for a nurse during work. You should choose a water bottle because of the following reasons:
    • Compact and handy design: A water bottle is easy to carry with you on the go. This is very beneficial for a nurse who has to move a lot during work
    • Keeping you hydrated: If you don’t use a water bottle, you may forget to drink water until you feel thirsty. At that time, your body was already dehydrated. Keeping a water bottle close to you will remind you to drink enough water
    • Proper capacity: On average, we need 2.7 to 3l of water per day. A nurse water bottle has a volume of 0.9l. So, you won’t have to refill water many times a day.
    • Safe materials: You can  drink water from a water bottle without worrying about harmful chemicals
    • Eco-friendly: A water bottle can be reusable many times. This is good for the environment and saves your money
    • Reasonable price: Anyone can afford a nurse water bottle
    • Allowing you to fill it with whatever you want: Not only water, you can fill a water bottle with any drink you like
    • Nice and catchy appearance with cute and significant drawings and sayings
    • Can be an elegant and significant gift

     2. Types of nurse water bottles

    There are dozens of types of water bottles on the market. The most favorite ones are the nurse water tracker bottle, student water bottle, and vacuum water bottle.

    • Nurse water tracker bottle: This is the best water bottle for nurses. It has all the advantages of a water bottle. Besides, on the bottle, there are time markers. They will remind you of the amount of water intake hour-by-hour. So, you will always stay hydrated with a nurse water tracker bottle. 

    But it has little heat insulation effect. If you want your drink to stay hot longer, choose a vacuum bottle.


    • Student nurse water bottle: this is the design for student nurses. On the bottle, there will be decorations and sayings relating to student nurses. A student water bottle is a great choice for people studying nursing.


    • Vacuum nurse water bottle: Made of stainless steel with 2 walls, this bottle can keep your drink hot/cold for a long time. There are also many designs and colors for you to choose from. This bottle is a bit heavier than other types. But it is very helpful and can be an elegant gift.


    3. Size of nurse water bottles

    A common water bottle will have a volume of 0.9l, a height of 22cm, and a diameter of 7cm. But the size can vary depending on different designs or types of water bottles. Some bottles can have smaller volumes such as vacuum water bottles, about 0.7l.


    So, above are everything you need to know about water bottles. We hope that with this useful information, you can choose the right nurse water bottle. Remember to stay hydrated every day to work at your best.