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Doctors and nurses always have to travel a lot due to their jobs. Having a nurse wine tumbler will help them use the drink more conveniently. It is not only used to store wine but also can hold many other drinks. 

In addition, their design creates many outstanding features. You should own a wine tumbler for everyday life! Follow the sharing below to know more about this product!

Essential information about nurse wine tumbler

For many people, the nurse wine tumbler is the perfect wine container. It has become very popular. However, not everyone understands and knows the information about this product. Here is some information about wine tumbler for you.


Why should you choose a nurse wine tumbler?

1. High-quality materials effectively retain heat 

The material of the wine tumbler is high-quality 18/8 stainless steel 304. It is very light and completely lead-free. You can keep hot drinks hot for 3 hours or cold for 6 hours. In addition, this shell has good insulation ability. The temperature inside will not affect the outside.

2. High quality and durable

The material of wine tumblers is 304 stainless steel, so they are very solid, not rusty and hard to break. Their outer shell has a special coating. It is effectively resistant to chipping and fading. In addition, this wine tumbler is lead-free, rust-proof and sweat-proof.

3. Effective anti-spill, safe for users

The design of the wine tumbler is not only good in the material. The tumbler lid also works very well. The material of the lid is BPA-free plastic that prevents spills of drinks and dirt from getting inside. So whether it’s hot or cold drinks, you don’t have to worry about them falling into your hands.


4. Easy cleaning

With a simple yet convenient design, you don’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning the nurse tumbler. Instead, you need to use ordinary detergents to clean them. As a result, you can reuse the wine tumbler many times without worrying about affecting the quality of the drink.

5. Novel design

The design of the wine tumbler is completely special and novel. The manufacturer makes them for wine, but they are not like regular wine glasses. Their shape makes all the difference when enjoying wine.

Wine tumbler is like a breakthrough, creating impressions and enjoyment from its design.

What are the uses of Nurse wine tumblers?

Nurse wine tumbler is not only used to store wine, but it also has many other uses. So, in addition to nurses, it is also suitable for many different people. From materials to design and their uses are suitable for use in many cases. Here are some of the main uses of this product:


Keep your drinks at the temperature

Whether your drinks are cold drinks or hot drinks, wine tumbler can keep them at a good temperature. Thanks to the shell made of special material, it can keep the temperature for a long time. 

With hot drinks, it will stay warm for 3 hours and up to 6 hours with cold drinks.

There’s nothing better than having a wine tumbler to use both winter and summer.

Use as ice cream cup

Ice cream is a great choice for hot summer days. But, unfortunately, you can’t take them out of the fridge for too long. The normal temperature would have melted them.

However, if you own a wine tumbler, you can bring your ice cream wherever you want to enjoy it. Thanks to its good heat retention, it doesn’t melt your ice cream.

Used for a variety of drinks

A nurse wine tumbler does not force you to use any drink for them. However, the manufacturer designed them to hold alcohol. But they can work well in hot and cold conditions. Therefore, you can use any drink with a wine tumbler.


Nurse wine tumblers are a great product. It is not only effective for storing wine but can also be used with a variety of drinks. Exceptional capabilities, thanks to premium materials and unique designs, make them essential. You should have a wine tumbler. It’s convenient and useful for you!