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    An otter water bottle is very useful when you want to take care of your hydration levels. When you do hard work, exercise, or play sports, your body will sweat a lot. If you do not replenish water in time, your body will become dehydrated and your health will be affected.

    Carrying a water bottle along is one of the best solutions for this problem. Today, let’s find out about the benefits of a drink bottle. You will also know how to choose an otter water bottle.

    Otter water bottle details

    Below is the general information of an otter water tracker bottle.

    1. Measurements

    • Volume: 32 fl oz
    • Length: 22cm
    • Diameter: 7cm

    2. Advantages

    • The volume of 32 fl oz makes the bottle not too big but still provide enough water for the body
    • On the bottle, there are hourly time markers to track the amount of water consumption 
    • The convenient handle makes it easy to bring everywhere
    • The removal strainer allows you to filter the impurities from water
    • The one-hand push button simplifies the bottle opening and closing with one push
    • The bottle mouth is wide which helps you to refill water faster
    • The material used is BPA-free Tritan Plastic, which is safe for health and eco-friendly
    • The leak-proof bottle lid keeps your drink securely in the bottle
    • This water bottle can resist a quite high temperature, about 70-80 degrees Celsius

    3. Notes when using 

    • You can’t use a dishwasher to wash this bottle because that can damage the bottle. Only wash it by hand
    • A tracker bottle has little heat insulation effect. So, hot/cold drinks can’t remain their temperature for a long time

    How to choose an otter water bottle?

    You can consider the bottle’s designs and its benefits. Besides, identify your demand to choose a suitable size and type of the bottle

    1. Otter water bottle designs

    The designs of water bottles are very diverse.

    • Materials: Tritan Plastic is the common material used, followed by stainless steel and glass. 
    • Colors: for plastic and glass bottles, colorless and transparent bottles make up the bulk. But there are still many different colors to choose from
    • Decorations: Cute otter pictures and sayings make the catchy and stylish look for the bottles
    • Shapes: you can find many different shapes: round, square, long or short bottles.

    2. Benefits of using otter water bottles

    • The handy and compact size makes the bottle easy to carry along
    • 32-ounce volume can provide enough  water to the body and save time refilling water 
    • Time markers remind you of the water intake hour-by-hour
    • Materials without harmful chemicals help you feel safe when using
    • Reusable bottles help save your money as well as protecting the environment
    • High-temperature resistance (up to 80 degrees Celsius) allows you to contain hot drink
    • Stylish and elegant designs make it a nice accessory or gift for others.

    3. Types of otter water bottles

    • Plastic water bottles: A plastic bottle is the top choice of many people. It is light, easy to carry, and also has the most diverse designs. But the insulation effect of plastic bottles is little. Besides, they can get stained and old after a while


    • Vacuum water bottles: The manufacturer uses stainless steel to make this type of bottle. They have 2 walls and between these walls, there is a  vacuum. This design creates a high heat insulation effect for these bottles. 

    But a vacuum water bottle is quite heavy and usually has a smaller volume


    • Glass water bottles: A glass bottle can make your water taste purer and better. It is also easy to clean and can stay transparent for a long time. But it is fragile and also heavier than a plastic bottle. Glass water bottles are also the type that has limited designs.


    4. Size of otter water bottles

    You can find any bottle with volume that fits your needs. The size of otter water bottles varies from 8 to 40 fl oz. The common size of 32 fl oz is the most suitable for taking along. The difference in sizes also depends on different types of bottles.

    You can consider your situation to choose a suitable size. If you don’t have to move often, a big size can be more convenient for you. 


    We hope that through this article, you have known well about the otter water bottle. It can bring many benefits to you.  Thus, if you haven’t got a water bottle, choose one now to always stay hydrated.