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    Always carry a water bottle, you will find it extremely important to stay hydrated. According to WHO recommendations, adults need to drink 2 liters of water per day.

    Having a water bottle always with you also enhances personalization. It also reduces waste to the environment. Thus, with just one owl water tracker bottle you can do a lot of useful things.

    What is an owl water bottle?

    The portable owl water bottle is printed with interesting expressions of the OVO owl. Like other water bottles, this water bottle is also manufactured with different materials. Such as primary plastic, aluminum, stainless steel. With a variety of models, designs, and colors to suit all customers.

    The image of owls appears in many places on the bottle. Depending on the culture, they have different meanings. For example, in the west, owls associate themselves with wisdom and agility. It is seen as a symbol of wisdom, a symbol of learning.

    In modern Japanese culture, owls are considered to bring good luck and protection from suffering. As well as protection from risks in life and it also has many other good meanings.

    Thus, owning a water bottle with an owl print also helps you provide enough water for the body. It can also help you have better luck, study, and work.

    The special info on owl water bottles

    We are a professional supplier of water bottles. That’s why we always strive to bring competitive and differentiated products. Let’s learn about the special features of this water bottle.

    1. Benefits

    • The 32-ounce size is perfect for everyone from teens to adults. This size also provides enough water for most indoor and outdoor workouts or activities.
    • There are timelines and water levels to measure your water intake.
    • There are encouraging, inspirational quotes to help you actively drink more water.
    • Features an ergonomic neck strap and an invisible handle for convenient on-the-go carrying.
    • A removal filter to filter out impurities.
    • One-handed push-button for easy bottle opening.
    • Open bottle mouth for faster water intake.

    2. Information about product

    • Material: Primary plastic/ Aluminum/ Stainless steel/ Glass.
    • Weight: 32 ounces.
    • Height: 22cm.
    • Diameter: 7cm.

    3. Product Quality

    We are committed to quality to customers with the following points:

    • We guarantee that each corgi water bottle is handcrafted with different materials. Such as tritan resin, aluminum, stainless iron, or glass. Tritan plastic, also known as virgin plastic is BPA-free plastic. It is also environmentally friendly. Other materials such as aluminum, glass, and stainless steel are environmentally friendly materials.
    • The drinking lid is the only part that uses the power of a magnet to keep the water in the bottle.
    • The durable paint will not fade, peel or crack over time. All of our customers rate it for long-lasting durability and even better grip.
    • Good high-temperature resistance (up to 70°C – 80°C).


    • You should clean the water bottle by hand.
    • Actual product images and dimensions may vary slightly from advertised images and sizes. Because it depends upon screen size and brightness when taking pictures.

    How to choose an owl water bottle

    1. Advantages of Water Tracker Bottle

    A special feature in the design of the owl water bottle is the OVO owl pattern with cute expressions. Also, the design of the water bottle.

    Depending on the material of the water bottle, there will be different designs. To ensure the convenience and maximize the function of that material.

    • Material

    Primary plastic is considered a safe and environmentally friendly material. It can also easily shaped with a variety of designs.

    This is followed by stainless steel, aluminum, and glass. These three materials are often difficult to create unique designs. They usually have a certain pattern and owl pattern printed on them. The only unique point is probably the expression of the owl.

    • Reliability

    If you are looking for a material that is durable over time, choose materials such as aluminum and stainless steel. These two materials will last through time and stay with you for the rest of your life. Although virgin plastic is also considered a material with good durability and safety. However, it cannot exist until you see it as a memory.


    • Water leak

    A high-quality water bottle is a water bottle with a perfect screw cap. This will prevent the water in the bottle from spilling out leading to wetting the container. Please be very careful when buying this item!

    2. Type of Water bottles

    Based on the design and material of the water bottle, it is divided into three main types. The type with suction nozzle for children. A type with a lid where the lid can be used in place of a drinking cup. And the original type only has a screw cap.

    3. Size of water bottle

    Standard sizes of water bottles are measured in ounces. The recommended daily water intake for toddlers is 44 OZ of fluid per day. For adults 72 OZ of liquid per day. Thus, a bottle from 12 to 18 OZ will be enough to help children maintain water for 3 -4 hours. A 32 OZ water bottle is the right size for an adult.

    Final Words

    Always carry a water bottle with you to ensure adequate hydration. Don’t forget to share with us an owl water bottle if you really love this bird!