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Are you a hairdresser and want something customized to show off your personality and pride? A hair stylist tumbler is worth your consideration. It maintains the perfect temperature for your drink without a doubt and is easy to bring with you anytime as your work requires constant travel between studios. 

Now, you can own an upgraded version with the up-to-go cup with hair stylist designs. No one can resist a tumbler with both high quality and fashionable appearance, right? So, it is about time to check out our selected list below to look for your favorite picks.

Hair Stylist Tumbler Details

Stainless steel tumbler 20 oz, 30 oz

  • BPA-free and Lead-free
  • Durable 304-grade copper lined 18/8 stainless steel
  • Insulated double-wall vacuum technology, keeping cold drinks for 24 hours and hot drinks for 6 hours
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Capacity up to 30 oz
  • Dimension: 3.5”x2.7”x6.8” (top x bottom x height)

Skinny Tumbler 17 oz

  • BPA-free
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Double-wall technology, keeping cold drinks for 24+ hours and hot drinks for 6+ hours
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Capacity up to 17 oz
  • Dimension: 2.6”x9.3” (outer diameter x height)
  • A premium gift for homes, parties, offices, and car trips

How To Choose A Hair Stylist Tumbler?

To achieve sustainable, minimalist living, many people quit using plastic cups and opt for an eco-friendly tumbler. A tumbler is more than a normal mug or cup for drinking. 

It can also be a personal property that represents their personalities and characteristics. Below are some useful tips for you to shop for a tailor-made hairdresser tumbler if you are in this group.

1. Hair Stylist Tumbler Design

You might find a variety of tumblers in different designs on the market, but have you ever thought of customizing one on your own? You can decide on the material, color, size, capacity, and decorative outer appearance to make it stand out as yours.

In case you have no ideas, why don’t you refer to our hairdresser tumblers with numerous icons of hair dryers, combs, scissors, etc. Just a cup, and everyone would recognize you as a well-known hair stylist.

2. Type Of Tumblers

Stainless Steel Tumbler

One of the popular types of tumblers is stainless steel. Almost all of them are vacuum-insulated. The smooth surface and great heft bring a nice feeling when you hold it. What a perfect weight and feel!

More importantly, this mental construction is prized for effective retention, either cold or piping hot. That is all thanks to the air gap between the outer and inner layers, allowing your drinks’ temperature to be kept up to 16 hours. 

Because of its great durability, you can also expect your stainless steel tumbler to last for years. No wonder why so many people enjoy it.

Skinny Tumbler

Many people approve that skinny tumblers’ size is best for holding with 8.5-inch height and 2.5-inch diameter. So, not only kids but even anyone with arthritic hands can easily feel good when holding them.

Skinny tumblers also go along with plastic splash-proof lids and tight straw seals. Therefore, you can be assured that the problem of pop-off lids will never happen.

Wine Tumbler 

If you are looking for a tumbler with a stylish design, this type of tumbler is for you. Unlike stainless steel or skinny ones, wine tumblers have a curved body for a comfortable grip. 

Most wine tumblers come with a modest 12oz capacity, especially created for you to enjoy your coffee and wine. The elegant design with premium quality makes it a perfect gift for your friends, family members, and yourself.

3. Size Of Tumblers

Like other common mugs or cups, tumblers come in various sizes to meet customers’ needs. Depending on yours, you might choose a large tall tumbler to keep your cold coffee or a small one to serve your hot tea.

12oz (360ml)

A 12-oz tumbler is not small enough to fit in your handbag but still big enough to carry your soup in your lunchtime. 

Besides, it is a perfect size to keep your wine cold. If you have not tried drinking cool wine in a tumbler with a straw before, then you definitely should give it a go!

17oz (500ml)

A 17-oz tumbler works great for both your kids and grown-ups in the house. As the larger capacity does not require refills multiple times, it is convenient to bring to the office or school.

In particular, it pairs wonderfully with the vehicle cup holder in case you wish to enjoy a sip during your car trips.

20oz (600ml)

Gym or yoga fans usually favor a 20-oz tumbler to bring in their workouts. It is also a great alternative for anyone who wants a smaller cup to hold than the 30-oz one.

30oz (900ml)

This large tumbler is usually used on long journeys when resources are not always available. However, holding a big cup might be difficult for some whose hands are quite small. In this case, a curved 30-oz tumbler with a smaller base is preferable.

The Bottom Line

Everyone has to stay hydrated every day, but you can completely do it in your style with a hair stylist tumbler. We spent time investigating and finally coming up with some interesting ideas with the hope of helping you choose the most suitable designs for your style. 

We hope that you can select your favorite one in our above list. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ask questions if you are still confused about something.