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In the quest for environmentally friendly and sustainable houseware, the world has discovered the tumbler, a cup that preserves the drink’s temperature. 

From then on, firms have launched numerous Tumbler models for customers. We can use it either as a decorative and functional household item or as a meaningful gift. 

One of the most common designs is floral, because who doesn’t love flowers? And the only thing better than a floral tumbler is a custom floral one, namely the Personalized Sunflower Tumbler

This article will provide you with information about the hottest tumbler right now and how to pick the right one.

Are you ready?

Personalized Sunflower Tumbler Details 

Stainless Steel Tumbler 20oz, 30 Oz 

As indicated by its name, this model bears a volume of up to 30 ounces. Its dimensions reach 3.5″ x 2.7″ x 6.8″ for top diameter, bottom diameter, and height, respectively. Such a size can store an amount of drink that lasts you all day. 

Its copper grade premium lined 18/8 stainless steel along with Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation will ensure maximum insulation. You can bring it to Starbucks at eight, and your frappuccino will still be delicious 5 hours later. 

For safety purposes, the cup is BPA-free, which means one concern off of your shoulders. Do note that it’s not dishwasher-free since the heat and water force can damage the inner wall of the mug. 

So you have a tumbler that’s big, effective, and safe. If you’re looking for a gift cup for family trips and office uses, definitely opt for Stainless Steel.

Skinny Tumbler 17 oz 

This tumbler and the model above share many common characteristics, most notably the Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation and material made of premium copper 18/8 lined stainless-steel shield. And just like the Stainless Steel, this model is BPA-Free (but not dishwasher-safe).

The only difference lies in size: The Skinny Tumbler reaches 2.6″ outside diameter x 9.3″ height and can only contain 17 oz of liquid. Nevertheless, it’s still a popular premium gift cup for car trips, homes, parties and offices.

How To Choose Personalized Sunflower Tumbler 

Getting acquainted with different designs, types and sizes of tumblers will help narrow down your choices. Let’s go through them one by one. 

Tumbler Designs

The design gives the vibes of the tumbler and tells the personality of its owner. A businessman tends to choose the most simplistic design, while a romantic English student will favour a sunflower tumbler cup, for example. 

If you’re looking for a unique design, there are plenty of options, such as cups with support handles or slidable lids. Some manufacturers tend to go wild with their collections, providing different models such as custom sunflower tumblers, simple tumblers, etc.

 Type Of Tumblers

While there are many more Personalized Sunflower Tumbler types in the market, we only recommend the three most favoured: the Stainless Steel, the Skinny, and the Wine tumbler.

Stainless Steel Tumbler

This product bears the largest capacity and offers stainless steel material. Its durability makes it perfectly suitable for long trips and sports events. Therefore, if you need a cup for the next vacation or to give your soccer-enthusiast son, this would be a wise option.

Skinny Tumbler

Thanks to its plastic lids, the Skinny Tumbler is a good alternative to home cups or offices, where people would usually favour a convenient insulation cup to carry around.

Wine Tumbler

To avoid the curse of room-temperature wine, the Wine Tumbler was born. This product comes in a small size specifically designed to contain alcoholic drinks. Although it’s the smallest mug, it has won many customers’ hearts because of its delicate appearance.

With this, you can enjoy your chilly drink for as long as you want. 

Size Of Tumblers    

There are four main sizes, each serving different purposes. So know why you want a tumbler before picking one. 

Tumbler’s size ranges from 12oz to 30oz, so there are many options for users. While the Wine Tumbler often contains 12oz of liquid, the Skinny one makes its way up to 17oz or sometimes even 20oz of liquid.

Nevertheless, the most impressive Stainless Steel Tumbler defeats them all by its 30oz of capacity.

All in all, the Wine and Skinny Tumbler fit perfectly for home and office use. On long journeys, however, the Stainless Steel model is the perfect cup!

Final Thoughts

We have provided detailed information on how to choose a Personalized Sunflower Tumbler. Opting for a floral insulation cup not only reduces the inconvenience of getting a new bottle of water every day but also saves our planet by reducing plastic waste. Besides, it’s pretty!

Now is the time to pick up the phone and place an order!