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All parents care about their children silently. But sometimes you want to show that love you can give your son a “to my son blanket“. Surely the bond between parents and children will be stronger.

We should give lots of love to the children. They always need love, attention and care from their family. Especially when they go to sleep, they will feel unsafe themselves.

A “to my son blanket” is definitely the best choice. It will be a gift to help you show your love to your son. With sentimental words and unique textures on the blanket will surely make the child touched.

If you feel hesitant about choosing this blanket for your son, read the next shares to make the final decision!

How to choose “to my son blanket”?

Because it’s an excellent gift for a son. So you need to pay attention to a few factors to make the best choice:

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Where to buy
  • Customer Service
  • Handle time – shipping time

Let’s take a look at all the factors above to make the right decision for you!

1. Design

Manufacturers always focus on diversifying types of blankets. That’s why there are so many quilt designs available. They come in a variety of designs and sizes.

The first model that we introduce to you is “to my son blanket love mom”.

You can send your beloved son words of love through this blanket. Your son can feel his mother’s affection with the unique love image between mother lion and cub.

Especially the confessions written on the blanket, it brings love and care to your son.

The blanket has a dark brown and blue color that suits the style of boys very well. The 60×80 size fits perfectly and can keep your son warm.

You can choose a different quilt design with “to my son fleece blanket”. This special blanket is made of fleece.

It is soft, soothing and gives the warmth needed for sleep. On the blanket, there are also many words of love and care for the little boy.

Words of love as a spiritual source of encouragement for your son to always be happy and healthy. This fleece material really brings comfort to boys.

You can choose from various sizes from 45×60 or 60×80.

Another equally important, creative and unique model is “to my son love dad blanket”.

If you are a father and are afraid to confess to your son, you should use this blanket pattern.

The image of a father who always watches over his child whenever showing his deep affection for his son. Although there are tough times, they all want to make their son better.

2. Quality

Since it’s a gift for a boy, you definitely want it to be the best gift. You should pay attention to the material that makes the blanket. Material is the main factor that determines whether the blanket is good or not.

You can pay attention to three main types of materials: cotton, fleece and wool.

  • Cotton

Cotton is the most familiar material for bedding and clothing. It is easy to use and suitable for many different weather conditions.

Whether it’s hot or cold, cotton’s built-in versatility is sure to make your son feel comfortable.

For those with sensitive skin and prone to irritation, cotton will be the best choice!

  • Fleece

Fleece is a soft and light material. They have excellent heat retention, which will retain the perfect warmth for a chilly night.

While fleece is a bit like fleece, it’s lighter and softer. A fleece blanket will help your son have a good night’s sleep.

  • Wool

Wool is probably the most popular blanket and heat-retaining material. At night, when the temperature drops, it can stay warm surprisingly well.

A woolen shield will help keep your son warmer when it’s chilly.

3. Where to buy

On the market today, many places sell “to my son blanket”. You can find it on several websites. However, our advice is that you should choose Giveter.

On this website, there are many styles of blankets with different materials. Decorative textures and sizes are diverse and eye-catching.

You will spend hours visiting this website to see the goods. There are hundreds of different quilt patterns for you to choose from. My guess is it will take you hours to do this.

4. Customer Service

Giveter has very good customer service.

You can communicate with them questions and concerns via webchat or email. They are always ready to answer you within 24h. They will reply to you as soon as possible.

In addition, if your product has any problems, you can request a return with the store. If it’s a manufacturer defect, you can return the item and get your money back.

Their Refund and return policy always support you.

5. Handle time – Shipping time

Processing may take 2 – 5 days. Depending on your location, the delivery time will take from 5-14 days.

It won’t take you too long if you’re geographically close and there’s no impact from other factors.

Why should you have “to my son blanket”?

It will be difficult to say why you should buy “to my son blanket”. But you will see some of the main reasons below:

  • The blanket can provide your son with a good and warm sleep
  • The blanket has many beautiful and unique textures and colors. The boys will surely enjoy it
  • You can show your love, care and care for your son through this blanket


Above is all the information we want to share with you about “to my son blanket”. There will rarely be a more meaningful gift than this blanket for your son.

Hopefully, you can now make a final decision. If you have any questions, please comment below. We are happy to answer!