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    Honestly, the piano is the most musical-sounding instrument in the world. If you love it and the sound it makes, bring it to sleep with a piano blanket.

    It’s not hard for you to do it! Follow the sharing about this unique piano picture blanket right here.

    A good blanket will give you a warm feeling. There’s nothing better than covering up a soft blanket with piano keys and falling asleep. Let’s see what a piano blanket brings to you!


    The melodious music always makes your mood more comfortable. If you are a music lover and piano keys, then a blanket piano is a good tool. It can inspire you with music at any time.

    In addition to the image of the keys, the designer also added many different textures and colors. This rhythmic and particular combination creates a unique feature for the motifs. You can relax after a stressful working day with this wonderful blanket.


    • Material

    To suit many different customers, manufacturers have used many other materials to make blankets. From the duvet cover to the inner core, all are high-quality materials.

    You can choose blankets from soft sherpa fleece. Or duvet cover from high-quality cotton fabric.

    The core of the blanket is polyester microfiber which is cool and soft. It is hypoallergenic and easily warms you up in your sleep.

    • Picture

    The piano blanket uses modern 3D printing technology. The patterns on the blanket appear crisp and vivid.

    The piano keys look authentic and feel familiar. When you put your hands on them, you feel like you are touching real piano keys!


    You can customize the size of this blanket to suit your bed. There are 3 popular sizes for you to choose from:

    • Twin: 51″ x 60″
    • Queen: 68″ x 80″
    • King: 88″ x 104″


    The design is simple but gives an extraordinary blanket. Not only is the quality good, but the decoration is also outstanding. Above are all of our shares about the blanket piano. Hopefully, you can find the right blanket!