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    Summer is the time when exciting activities take place. Temperatures are also high during this season. So, after the activity, you need to drink more water for the body. The pineapple water bottle is a necessary item, and you can use water anywhere when carrying it.

    The pattern of ripe golden pineapples and green leaf tips brings summer to life. It not only provides you with water but also helps you protect your health.

    To own more unique water bottles. Follow our sharing in this article!

    Everything about a water bottle

    Water bottles can be our familiar everyday objects. Drinking water is essential, so having a water bottle helps you drink water everywhere.

    If you have a water tracker, you don’t have to go to the store or supermarket to buy water. You also know where your water comes from and ensure safe quality.

    The shape of the water bottle has many different styles suitable for a variety of usage environments. Plus, the designs are functional and fresh. For example, a compact water bottle for carrying or a large capacity that holds more water.

    The water bottle material is high-quality plastic, you can use it many times and it’s safe at high temperatures. You can use one water bottle for many different drinks.

    How good is the design of the water bottle? Read the shares below to know more!

    How to choose a pineapple water bottle?

    1. Pineapple water bottle designs and why should choose

    Water bottle designs

    • Design: With funny pineapples and new water bottles, water bottles have many unique designs.
    • Material: In addition to common materials such as glass or stainless steel. High-quality Tritan plastic is also the material that manufacturers use to make water bottles. It is highly safe and environmentally friendly. Tritan plastic’s amount of heat can withstand up to 80 degrees Celsius, with good insulation.
    • Shape: Manufacturers always want to diversify their products. That’s why there are so many different types of water bottles. From simple design bottle to pineapple-shaped vases. The shape of the jars also changes based on their intended use.
    • Size: Different types of bottles have different sizes. They may vary in size, but most have the same capacity. The most common is the 32 ounce weight; you can hold 0.9 liters of water.
    • Decorative motifs: Bring cool summer style with fruit. The pineapple bottle has a unique pineapple-shaped decoration. They arrange the pineapples in different positions with different colors.

    Some designs also refresh the image with a pineapple flower vase or multi-colored pineapple.

    • Color: The color of the water bottle is very colorful and fresh—for example, yellow, green, blue, pink and purple colors.

    The reason you should choose a pineapple water bottle

    • High-quality materials, safe and durable: Manufacturers use high-quality BPA-free Tritan plastic to make water bottles. It is very environmentally friendly and does not harm the user.
    • Simple and convenient design: The water bottle has a straightforward design but brings many utilities. The lid has a unique latch; you need to press the button to open the lid. The water bottle is ready for you to use anytime, anywhere.
    • Beautiful and refreshing decoration: The pineapple image is really attractive. Outwardly they have harmonious and bright colors. They are really suitable for the hectic summer.
    • Can be used with different types of water: You can use a pineapple bottle with any water you want. Even with hot water, it is still safe and quality.
    • Environmentally friendly: A water bottle is a water bottle that can use many times. You will not create plastic waste for the environment every time you use it.

    2. Types of water bottles

    Pineapple tracker water bottle

    The tracker water bottle is one of the handiest water bottles; it has a simple and compact design for easy carrying. The bottle cap has a special design to avoid water leakage when moving.

    Besides, the water bottle to carry also has a sturdy strap. You can carry or hang them up.

    New and beautiful pineapple decoration images also have lines to show how much water is in the bottle.

    Pineapple water bottle for gym

    Exercise will make you sweat a lot, so you have to drink more water. A pineapple drink bottle can provide water to relieve your fatigue. This type of water bottle usually has a large capacity of about 0.9 liters. The decoration is simple but unique.

    3. Size of Water bottles

    The manufacturer offers a lot of water bottles of different sizes. Depending on the purpose of use, you can choose the appropriate size water bottle.

    The current popular water bottle size is 22cm high and diameter of 7cm, equivalent to a weight of 32 ounces. There are also smaller capacity and size water bottles, around 20 – 24 ounces.


    The pineapple water bottle will help you have drinking water without going to the store or supermarket. It has a compact design that is easy to carry, the product material is excellent and safe. Water is essential for the human body. Buy a water bottle and bring it with you to drink enough water every day!