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We cannot deny the importance of a bedding set. It contributes to our better sleep. For Poodle lovers, bedding set about them is a perfect choice.

Category Description

Adorable Poodles easily become the center of attention. Here we will give some information about Poodle bedding.

1. Design

Poodles are adorable poodles, and they have a unique curly coat. At first sight, Poodles have attracted others by their lovely appearance and elegance.

For that reason, even images of Poodles are becoming more and more popular. A lot of people love products that contain their images.

If you have fallen for the cuteness of the Poodle and are a loyal fan of them, you cannot ignore the Poodle bedding design.

This bedding set includes one duvet cover and two pillowcases. Above them are printed unique and new images of Poodles.

The designer also created various bedding patterns and colors for Poodles. Surely you can choose from more than one product you love.

2. Quality

  • Material

This bedding set has woven microfibers material. They are very soft and breathable, ensuring a good and comfortable sleep for the user.

With high-quality woven fabric and hand-woven methods, this bedding is a premium product. Not only does it provide a good night’s sleep, but it’s also easy to clean and doesn’t stick to animal hair.

  • Picture

The manufacturer uses the latest 3D printing technology with these Poodle bedding models. Images on duvet and pillowcases are high resolution, clear and sharp.

It shows you every authentic and lovely gesture of the Poodle. With unique design colors, it offers mystery and luxury.

Advanced printing technology helps keep colors long and hard to fade.

3. Size

Poodle bedding sets come in different sizes. You are free to choose the right size for your duvet and pillow core.

Pillowcase size is 29″ x 19″

The duvet cover has optional sizes such as:

  • Twin: 68″ x 86″
  • Full/Double: 79″ x 90″
  • Queen: 90″ x 90″
  • King: 104″ x 90″


If you are genuinely a Poodle lover, you will not be able to pass up the Poodle bedding set. This will be the bedding that makes you feel satisfied!

We hope that the information we send to you will help you make the right decision!