Giveter™ Astronaut Projector

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✅ Includes 8 stunning and relaxing nebula effects. Accompanied by twinkling stars. It’s a high quality projector light.

✅ The soothing and relaxing galaxy light patterns of this projector are specially designed to calm the senses and to drift away to a deep sleep.

✅ Use the remote control to adjust the pattern, brightness and rotation speed, and easily adjust many more settings.

✅ Comes with a timer to perfectly set the amount of time you need to fall asleep! Projector automatically turns of so you can dream away!

✅ 360° Adjustable projection angle: Move the astronaut’s magnetic head 360 degrees to easily adjust the projection angle to your liking.

✅ The moon base is removable and the magntic arm can be adjusted into different positions. Besides it being a star projector it is a great looking decorative piece for your room.

✅ Can be used in bedrooms, game rooms, living rooms and home theaters. Creates a cool atmosphere for game setups, date/movie nights, parties or as a night light to accompany kids (or adults!) to sleep.

Best Gift Idea: Our Original Giveter® Astronaut Projector is a best gift for your Family on the Birthday, Children’s day, Christmas, Anniversary or any other occasion

    • Astronaut Projector;
    • Power Adapter;
    • Micro USB Charging Cable;
    • Instruction Manual
Giveter™ Astronaut Projector