Giveter Menstrual Massage Belt

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Forget About Painful Periods!

We all know that time of the month… and there’s nothing worse than dealing with menstrual cramps while trying to work, study or relax. Messy hot water bottles keep you in bed all day, while pain relief pills can be very unhealthy or cause drowsiness during the daytime. That’s why we’ve developed the Giveter™ Period Massage Belt!

Relieve Cramps Instantly

This device stops menstrual pain in seconds without having to refill hot water bottles every 20 minutes. It can be worn on your tummy or lower back and with it’s slim, lightweight design, combined with the powerbank, you get instant pain relief no matter if you’re on the move or at home.

✔️ 3-Speed Temperature Control: First gear provides 50ºC warmth for daily use, second gear provides 55ºC warmth for menstrual care and the highest gear provides 60ºC dysmenorrhea care. Warm your belly, pelvic, waist and stomach areas all at once for supreme relaxation and comfort.

✔️ 4 Level High-Frequency Vibrations: The high frequency vibrations will provide a comforting massage while the heating takes place. Feel your muscles loosen up and the pain melt away.

✔️ Rechargeable battery (1800mAh): The belt has an internal lithium battery for easy recharging. The inductive charging is safe and reliable.

✔️ Portable: The belt is not cumbersome or large. And with the internal rechargeable battery, you can take it with you wherever you travel if that time of the month is approaching.

✔️ Elastic And Adjustable Belt: Adjustable elastic belt can stretch up to 52 inch, suitable for all shapes and sizes

Package Included: 1*Heating Pad, 1*USB Cable, 1*Manual