Sky Map Levitating Lamp

USD $99.95

    • Available stock in warehouse. Shipping time US, UK (5-10 days)
    • Hard to find in other stores. You’re confident that this is a decorative product that only you have
    • The Art Of Craft: The Bottom base is a black clock to define the times of the stars in the universe
    • Each unit is carefully crafted to precision using premium components inspired by minimalism and vintage design
    • Fascinating Design: The energy – efficient Leds inside the stars globe with high resolution galaxy constellations design have a light-up time of 50.000 hours
    • The Leds are RGB changing colors inside the galaxy stars globe
    • A mini art installation: Goodwell electronic hovers in mid – air using magnetic levitation and is powered wirelessly through the air.
    • It creates a very quiet, soft and fascinating night time.
    • Help Relaxing and thinking of lives, it is a fantastic night with loves.
    • Creating soothing, time – stopping visual experience. The higher the meditative state, the more relax in our minds.
    • The light is powered through air. No cords or wires holding down
    • The floating moon has no friction nor gravity, so it will spins forever – just like a real planet!
Sky Map Levitating Lamp