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Tumbler is now no longer strange to everyone. Many people even carry a tumbler as an indispensable item when going out. 

Tumbler is not only a water container, but it is also a decoration and shows the personality and preferences of the owner.

The Pug Tumbler is one of the most popular and chosen by many people because of the cuteness of the dogs. This article will summarize more than 50 best pug tumbler models on the market for you to easily choose.

How to choose Pug Tumbler

1. Pug Tumbler Designs

Like other tumblers, the pug tumbler also has many options for you. Manufacturers have made many models and designs with many different capacities to choose the most satisfactory product.

Most of the bottles are made from durable, beautiful, and safe materials for users. Some types of bottles have a 2-layer design for better heat preservation.

The manufacturer designed the tumblers to be dishwasher safe, so you don’t need to worry about cleaning the product.

Pug Tumbler is usually divided into 2 popular sizes, Stainless steel tumbler (20 oz – 30 oz) and Skinny Tumbler (17 oz). These are medium sized and are convenient to take with you when going out. 

You can also choose these sized vases to give to family, friends, and colleagues on every special occasion. Surely this will be a meaningful gift for the recipient.

2. Type of tumblers

  • Stainless steel tumbler

Stainless steel tumblers are one of the most chosen product lines when consumers are looking to buy tumblers. These bottles are with an inner stainless steel layer to ensure the quality of drinks, even if they are kept for a long time.

Stainless steel tumblers usually have a capacity of about 20 oz – 30 oz. This capacity is suitable for long trips to store water or a sports session that requires frequent water replenishment.

  • Skinny Tumbler (Plastic cap type)

Skinny Tumbler is a perfect choice if you are wondering what capacity to buy. These Tumblers have a slim, tall design that creates a luxurious and polite feeling for the user. 

When having events that need to print logos and brands on bottles to give to partners, restaurants also choose this line of bottles to print finished products.

These types also have many different designs and are reasonably priced. So, you can comfortably invest a large amount in your restaurant. 

Some classes are also thick enough for you to use in dishwashers, so you need to do your research to choose the right product for you.

  • Wine Tumbler (small tumbler for drinking Size of tumblers)

Wine Tumbler is a premium option of the 3 classifications. These tumblers are a combination of Stainless steel tumblers and Skinny Tumblers. True to its name, the wine tumbler is primarily for you to enjoy wine.

With its use, Wine Tumbler is also paid much attention to the design when designing, so most of them have a luxurious and unique appearance. 

Also, you can rest assured to bring it as a gift for your boss or business partner because of its value and meaning.

These pots also have a more special design than usual, with 3 or 4 layers for more effective heat retention. So if you accidentally leave the wine for a long time, you will not worry about the quality of the wine.

3. Size of tumblers

  • 17 oz

With compact size, light weight, 17 oz bottles are the choice of many people. So, you can easily take it anywhere. 

17 oz is also the most commonly produced bottle by the factory, with many different shapes and designs for consumers to choose from.

  • 20 oz

The 20 oz bottles are perfect for you to keep at your office or reading desk as it helps you drink more water without having to refill it over and over again. This capacity is not the largest, but it is often quite inconvenient to carry on the road.

  • 30 oz

This is the largest size of tumblers you can find on the market. With a capacity of 30oz, these bottles are suitable for serving the needs of the whole family or a group of friends when going out.


Hopefully, after reading this article, you can choose for yourself a suitable Pug Tumbler. These Pug Tumblers are also with many different designs. And, you can refer not only for yourself but also can turn it into a gift for family, friends. Sure, when receiving These lovely dogs ​​shaped vases, the recipient will be extremely interested in and use them often.