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If you are an animal lover, a pug water bottle is the optimal choice for you. Not only does it help you regularly hydrate your body, but it also has a lovely decoration. However, to choose the best water bottle, you need to understand them well. Follow our sharing in this article!

Pug water bottle information

Drinking water is an essential need, so water bottles are our daily familiar objects. If you have a water tracker, you don’t have to go to the store or supermarket to buy water. You also know if your water source is safe or not.

Plus, the designs are functional and fresh. The shape of the water bottle has many different styles suitable for a variety of usage environments. For example, a compact water bottle for carrying or a large capacity that holds more water.



  • Material: Tritan Plastic
  • Volume: 32 ounces
  • Height: 22cm
  • Diameter: 7cm


  • Material is high-quality Tritan plastic, safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Compact design, with a sturdy pass strap attached and easy to carry.
  • The water bottle can withstand high temperatures up to 80 degrees Celsius, with good insulation.
  • Large capacity 32-ounce size perfect for most any workout session or activity.
  • The bottle cap opens easily with a push of a button. You can use it with one hand.
  • The wide mouth of the bottle is easy to fill with water.
  • Cute and eye-catching Pug dog decoration.

Pug bottles bring you more benefits than you think. It will provide you with the water you need for any activity. Whether you participate in sports, work, or go to school, you should keep enough water for your body.

Why should you choose a Pug water bottle?

High-quality material, safe, and durable

Pug bottle with high-quality BPA-free Tritan plastic. It is very environmentally friendly and does not harm the user.

Simple and convenient design

The water bottle has a very simple design but brings many utilities. The lid has a special latch, you need to press the button to open the lid. The water bottle is ready for you to use anytime, anywhere.

Beautiful and fresh decorative textures

Pictures of adorable Pug dogs are really attractive. If you are a loyal fan of pets, it is impossible to ignore them.

The outside of the water bottle has a harmonious and bright color. They are really suitable for carrying around.

You can use it with a variety of drinks

You can use the water bottle with any drink you want. Even with hot water, it is still safe and quality. You don’t have to worry every time you want to bring a certain drink.

Environmental friendliness

A water bottle can be used many times. Its premium material is suitable for you to do this. You will not create plastic waste for the environment every time you use it.

Types of water bottles

Pug tracker water bottle

The tracker water bottle is one of the handiest types of water bottles. They have a simple and compact design for easy carrying. The bottle cap has a special design to avoid water leakage when moving.

Water bottle is enough to supply water for your tiring workout (Link)

Besides, the water bottle to carry also has a sturdy strap. You can carry or hang them up and conveniently.

Decorative pictures of Pug dogs are lovely and attract viewers. The back of the bottle also has lines just to show the amount of water in the bottle.

Pug water bottle for gym

Exercise will produce a lot of sweat, so you need to provide a large amount of water for the body. A Pug drink bottle can provide water in time to help you relieve fatigue.

With a capacity of 32 ounces, this water bottle is enough to supply water for your tiring workout.

Pug drink bottle for school

The water bottle is a very suitable item to bring to school. A water bottle with a large capacity of 32 ounces can provide enough water for a long day.

Its compact design also makes it easy to carry around or keep in a briefcase.


The pug water bottle is a necessary item to provide enough water for you in all activities. It has a compact design that is easy to carry, and the product material is good and safe.

Water is essential for the human body. Own a water bottle right away to provide enough water for the body every day!