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    When exercising or working out, it can be hard to keep up with your hydration goals. Now, a Water Tracker Bottle product will be your savior. You can do your goal of staying hydrated with this water bottle. 

    There are many types of Water Tracker Bottle for water supply. In this article we will talk about Shark Water Bottle – One of the most popular with many people.

    What is a shark water bottle?

    Shark Water Bottle is a graduated water bottle with a very compact size. This type of water bottle weighs about 32 ounces, is 22 cm high and 7 cm in diameter.

    With this normal size, it can hold about a liter of water. Tritan plastic is the material of the water bottle, so you can reuse it many times.

    The design of this water bottle is extremely eye-catching and outstanding. The body of the water bottle has an extremely cute shark pattern, especially for children. It has a variety of colors for users to choose according to their preferences.

    The benefits of using a shark water bottle


    Shark water bottles have a very unique shark pattern. With striking colors, it can attract the user’s attention. This makes it hard for them to forget to replenish water during busy activities and work.

    In particular, children are more lazy to drink water than adults. A water bottle with such an attractive pattern will excite them. 

    The children will be more interested in drinking water. They also want to bring a water bottle to school or camping. You will not have to worry about reminding your child to drink water.

    The paint finish of this water bottle is also very durable. The textures will not fade or peel off after long-term use.


    Compact size

    Weight 32 ounces, height 22 cm and diameter 7 cm is a perfect size for on-the-go. Whether you go hiking, gym or cycling, this size will not be able to hinder you. With this compact size, children can also easily carry it with them. They do not have to worry about water being too big or too heavy.

    Water supply reminder

    Shark Water Tracker Bottles have very clear dividing lines. It can mark the level of water you have drunk. Even helps you know the time that you have been drinking water to measure the amount of water. 

    You do not have to worry that your body will lack water during hard work and exhausting training.

    This design is especially useful with children. Because they often neglect to drink water. They will play and learn while still being able to fully replenish the body with water. As long as they always carry a water bottle with them.


    Convenient hand strap

    Shark water bottles always have a compact but sturdy strap. This strap is enough for you to carry it in your hand without feeling entangled. With this strap, you can feel the water bottle invisible over long distances. Putting a water bottle in your backpack makes it easy to forget about drinking. You can completely wear the water bottle on your backpack with this strap.

    One-handed push button for easy bottle opening

    With this one-button push, you can easily open and close it with just one finger. Although the button is small, it is extremely sturdy. It will control how much water comes out of the bottle as you drink. Therefore, you don’t choke.

    One-handed push buttons use magnet power. This force will keep the grip locked in the event of a drop or impact. The amount of water will not leak to the outside. Besides, the wide mouth of the bottle will help you get water much faster.

    Filter removes impurities

    Shark water bottles will have a filter at the mouth of the bottle. It has the ability to filter out the dirt and impurities present in the water. 

    Before you drink, this filter will work. It will keep the concentrate in the bottle until you drink all the water in the bottle. The clean water is ready for you to drink.

    One thing you need to keep in mind with Shark Water Tracker Bottles is to always clean them by hand. If you clean by machine, you will not be able to clean the residue left in the tank. Even the dirt stuck in the lid.

    Tritan Plastic – BPA free

    Tritan plastic is the material of the shark drink bottle. This plastic is BPA free so you can reuse it many times. It is extremely safe for health and environmentally friendly. Because Tritan resin will not affect water when exposed to Tritan resin for a long time.

    At the same time, Tritan plastic also has very good heat resistance. It can keep water cold even in hot weather up to 80 degrees Celsius.


    How to choose a shark water bottle?

    1. Shark water bottle design

    The design of the shark water bottle is always compact and handy from the lid to the bottom of the bottle. However, you should pay attention to the lid when selecting a shark water bottle. The lid design of the shark drink bottle is easy to clean to remove dirt that may get trapped.

    You can also choose to include the included straw. The suction pipe has the form of an overflow valve. This will prevent water from overflowing even when the faucet is open. Take a close look at the details to take full advantage of the shark water bottle.

    2. Type of shark water bottle

    On Amazon there are many types of shark water bottles with many different colors. This variety makes it difficult for users to choose. Therefore, you must choose the type of water bottle that suits the needs and preferences of the user.

    3. Size of shark water bottle

    Shark Water Tracker Bottles are a product for people from 3 years old and up. It is available in different sizes. The amount of water in the tank varies by size. Depending on the age of the user, you choose the appropriate size.

    Final Thoughts

    Thus, in this article we have helped you better know about the benefits of a shark drink bottle. It is very important to have enough water each day. Buy this water bottle for your family members to ensure good health for them.