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    Nothing can warm you better than the blanket. How great it is to cover yourself with the soft cloth and slowly fall asleep. 

    Let’s see what the sloth print blanket can offer you.


    Sloth symbolizes calm, patience, and relaxation. It has a distinct point of view on life. It spends much of its life hanging in the trees and can twist its head like the owls.

    Sloth, therefore, gives you a sense of peace. That must be what you need for your sleep after a long hard-working day.

    Sloth is brown in real life. Yet, you will see the printed sloths in different colors. The background hue also matches the sloth pattern. They make an elegant look for the blanket. 


    • Material: The blanket comes entirely from Microfiber Polyester. Hence, you will find it warm, airy, hypoallergenic, smooth, silky, and light.
    • Printing: The designs look vivid and stunning, thanks to high-quality printing technology.


    Sloth print blankets are available in three sizes: Twin, Queen, and King. You will have a higher chance of picking the right for you among various options.

    Care instructions

    Washing the blanket in the machine or by hand is both possible.  The best way to clean it is with cold water. Remember to avoid ironing and pressing with heat. And, do not dry clean the item.


    We have just given you some information about the sloth print blanket. Seeing the animal sleeping may rest your mind. Let’s bring that lovely animal to your bed. Then, sleep will come more easily. Hopefully, you will be able to find a sloth print blanket for yourself.