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    The sunflower doormat is great for any room or entryway in your house. It helps to keep unnecessary mud and dirt away from the floor of the room and house. The attractive design complements any décor.

    The doormat is ideal for use outdoors and indoors since they are durable and can endure heat, wetness, snow, or dirt.

    Today’s article will assist you through the process of finding the finest sunflower welcome mat to greet your guest. Let’s check them out with us.

    How To Choose Sunflower Doormat

    The sunflower outdoor mat is available in a variety of beautiful colors and designs to give personality and flair to your doorway. Below are features you need to look at when finding one for your family.

    1. Design

    18 Inch x 30 Inch is the standard size for a doormat. It’s ideal for single doors. A normal front door is around 36″ wide. For front doors, we suggest 21 x 33/34 or 24 x 36/38. 

    Your doormat should be roughly the same width as your front door, if not slightly narrower. 

    Before you buy, get a piece of chalk and sketch the size of each doormat so you can examine the scale and balance of each size against your door.

    For doors with glass sidelights, get one that is as broad as the door and sidelights combined.

    Sunflower door mats help to keep mud and grime off the floor of the room and house. It scrapes away dirt, dust, grit, muck, grass, or snow with ease.

    2. Quality 

    The sunflower doormat’s material needs to easily capture moisture, dirt, and other particles. The long-lasting material will endure whatever weather or circumstances.

    The most common material used to make doormats is coir, which is a thick, dried coconut fiber derived from coconut husks. This eco-friendly material is extremely durable. However, some shedding is unavoidable with coconut coir doormats.

    If your doormat is constantly exposed to water and sunlight, a synthetic polypropylene rope mat is the one to look at. It can withstand harsh weather conditions. It dries quickly and never grows fungus or mold, which is what causes certain doormats to smell.

    Home natural coir doormat is 18×30″ and is 1/2″ thick. It prevents tripping and allows for simple door clearance. It allows you to enjoy every day in elegance.

    3. Maintenance

    You can simply shake the sunflower doormat or vacuum it. Another way to clean your mat is to take a hose and wash it just outside the entrance. Allow your mat to completely dry before using it again. 

    You also can put the mat on a hanger and sweep away any dust and dirt with a broom. Then wipe the mat down with a moist cloth and mild soap for a thorough clean.

    Consider a water-resistant doormat if this appeals to you. The material allows dirt to pass through, as well as water to flow through. You can simply raise and brush all the sand and debris away.

    4. Customer service

    The Easy Tiger aims to provide the best service to customers at all times. The live chat service is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. You can seek assistance at any time.

    In addition, we have an excellent refund and return policy. As a result, we are confident that you will have a pleasant shopping experience on our website.

    5. Handle time – shipping time 

    Your order will be processed within 2 to 5 business days after you place it. Your item will arrive within 5 to 14 days, depending on where you live.

    Your items will be shipped as soon as possible by the Easy Tiger. Your package will be carefully delivered to your door.

    6. Where to buy

    Easy Tiger has a wide range of sunflower doormat options. They come in all kinds of designs, materials, styles, and sizes.

    Easy Tiger, your reliable website, is where you can find the best sunflower doormat for your family.

    The Easy Tiger doormat helps you keep your flooring for years to come. This is an excellent low-maintenance gift suitable for both friends and family.

    Why You Should Have Sunflower Doormat

    1. The best material

    The Easy Tiger sunflower doormat is made of a wide range of material and some are at the finest craft.

    The fiber coir from the husk of a coconut is excellent for doormats. The thicker and more scratchy the doormat, the better. 

    Coir is mostly created by hand, which reduces both environmental impact and expenses. Coir is a renewable resource, directly made from coconut trees.

    2. Long lasting

    An affordable Easy Tiger doormat often lasts a couple of years. Those manufactured of sturdy materials can endure for around five years.

    With Easy Tiger doormat, whether made of long-lasting UV-protected nylon or fun printed coir, will keep the worst of the dirt and mud out of your home.

    All of our outdoor mats are hard-wearing and promise a long life, which means they’re good for the environment as well as your wallet.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can you wash the doormat in the washing machine?

    Most rugs are machine washable, including rubber-backed mats and cotton rugs. You may wash them in cold water on a moderate cycle with towels. Just be cautious not to wash rubber-backed mats too frequently or they may rip.


    2. Is there a cleaning substance for doormat?

    There are many cleaning substances for doormat available on the market. Dry carpet cleaning provides deep cleaning power by combining compound cleaning products to pre-treat fibers and break down dirt prior to machine cleaning. 


    It is critical to preserve your flooring from the weather. Using sunflower outdoor mats at entranceways is a low-cost and simple option.

    The mat can survive the hardest winters and the sweltering summers. It is simple to clean, simply shake it off, spray it with a hose, or vacuum it.

    The sunflower welcome mat is weatherproof and will not rot or degrade like another cheap one. It absorbs water and collects dirt and debris, protecting your floors from outside filth.

    We hope this article has provided you with all the needed information about the sunflower doormat. See you in the next post.