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    Doormats are what you need to catch dust, dirt, and girt. These things may enter your house via shoe soles if you don’t have a doormat.

    Also, people use doormats as decorations too. They give a wonderful touch to your house. It makes your house become more beautiful.

    You should always have a doormat for almost every entrance of your house. That includes your side doors, front doors, and back doors.

    This might look like a simple rug. But it can protect your wooden floors perfectly. Besides, it can give your guests a good impression while going to your house.

    Then did you know how to choose a perfect doormat? You love sea turtles and want to find the perfect doormats? Follow us and read this article to know how to choose a perfect mat.

    Things to know while choosing a “Sea Turtle Doormat”

    • Designs and Colors
    • Size
    • Shape
    • Material

    There are many things you should know before choosing a doormat. For choosing the right one that fits your tastes and your needs. Let’s take a closer look at these factors.

    Designs and Colors

    • Indoor Mats

    This indoor sea turtle doormat is the right thing for you. People usually use indoor mats for their homes or offices.

    The materials are durable, sturdy, and endure to last all the weather. This turtle doormat is soft enough to give you a comfortable feeling. Also, it’s very good at resistance to moisture.

    They are also very decorative and attractive too.

    • Outdoor Mats

    Wanting to find a welcome turtle mat? You know where to find them. This mat has a beautiful picture of two sea turtles. It’s made of 100% coirs, this mat is pretty durable. It’s also anti-slip.

    It can keep your business place or your house clean from outside dirt and debris. Please keep in mind that these mats are naturally bigger than indoor mats.

    They are durable, eco-friendly, and high efficient. You can clean it easily too. It’s the best product for weather-resistant, and water-absorbing.

    • Interior Mats

    Do you want to give your home or business place a final touch of decoration? This sea turtle decorative mat is what you need.

    People use interior mats specifically for the inside of rooms. They are protected from the sun, heat, and cold.

    As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about the color fading or being damaged by snow or the sun. They have a unique design that will wow both users and guests.

    However, these mats are more costly than other types of mats.


    Doormats are actually available in many sizes. What you need to keep in mind is a doormat should fit with your door.

    The doormats should be at least ¾ or 80 percent the width of the entryway. You should pay attention to the height as well.

    If the mats are too thick, you should never leave them in your house. You should use a thick doormat for outside.

    There are two standard sizes of doormats: 18 x 24 inches and 24 x 36 inches. Depending on your front doors, please consider choosing the right size.


    Just like the sizes, doormats can have various shapes. When you searching to buy a doormat, you may come across these shapes: rectangle, square, oval, and round.

    All of them are the typical shapes of doormats. It depends on your taste and what you like to have in your house.

    Here is a quick tip for you. Home décor experts recommend that placing a rectangular shape for the main entrance. This shape can cover the entire space. It will fit your house well.


    Material is one of the crucial things you should consider while choosing a doormat. It determines that if the mat is comfortable enough. Will it durable, resistant to stain or not?

    You may find several materials used in making doormats. In this section, we will show you brief information about them.

    • Microfiber

    You want to find indoor doormats. You should search for products that are made with microfiber. It’s very good at soaking up dirt and grime. It can also deal with snow and moisture.

    Also, the rubber back prevents skidding and slipping. People widely using these doormats in the winter or the rain.

    • Rubber

    If you want to enter your office or home barefoot. Then you should choose these doormats. It can help keep the front space clean and bring extra safety in wet weather.

    These mats are also eco-friendly because people use natural elements to make them.

    • Cast Iron

    People use cast iron for doormats for such a long time. It adds a touch of class and individuality.

    Manufacturers use cast or wrought iron to construct the mat’s frame. While they use a different substance to make the surface.

    Because iron is long-lasting and dependable. You may use it season after season. However, while appearing to be overly pricey, it is reasonably priced.

    • Coir Mats

    Manufacturers use entirely natural materials to construct coir mats. As a result, it is not only environmentally beneficial. But also a great substitute for artificial carpets with identical characteristics and functions.

    They are available in a variety of forms and colors, all having the same features. 

    The abrasive surface of the coir mats efficiently scrapes dirt off the shoe bottoms, keeping the home clean.

    Coir mats are an eco-friendly way to greet guests at your house.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What are the features of a doormat?

    Doormats can have many different features. Each type of product will have a different feature. We will list some iconic features for you here:

    • Snow and ice-melting doormats
    • Weather-resistant
    • Eco-friendly doormats

    2. Do the doormats have long-lasting colors?

    Yes, they are. We dye saturate fibers to make sure that they are long-lasting. So you can rest assured that there should be no fading happens.

    3. How to clean the doormats?

    It’s very easy to clean. What you need is to simply shake it. You can also brush or vacuum it. Remember to keep it out from the water and allow it to dry thoroughly.


    So, you know what to consider while choosing a sea turtle doormat. We hope that you can find the best doormat. It can fit your house or your workplace perfectly. Thank you for reading this article.