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    Plastic waste is becoming a significant danger to the environment. To limit the release of plastic waste into the environment, we should use products that can recycle. A turtle water bottle is a great product. It can help you to protect the environment and save some money for you.

    If you bring your water, you won’t need to buy it at the grocery store or supermarket. The water quality is also clear and you know their condition. The water bottle is a product worth your attention and ownership.

    To learn more about water bottles, the pros and how to choose to buy them. Follow our article below!

    All you should know about water bottles

    There are many disposable water bottles on the market today. They are convenient but not entirely suitable for you.

    Using a water bottle not only protects the environment but also helps protect your health. In fact, disposable water bottles often contain many chemicals. 

    The manufacturer creates them for disposable purposes, so the quality of the plastic is not guaranteed. You drinking the water contained in them will cause several health problems.

    On the contrary, one can use the water bottle many times. The manufacturer makes it with better material. Usually, Tritan plastic is BPA-free and environmentally friendly.

    They are especially handy with their compact design, easy to carry. The lid opens easily with a push of a button. The grip system closes tightly to prevent water leakage.

    Water bottles also come in a variety of different shapes and decorations. The unique turtle motifs on the product packaging really make a strong impression on users.

    How to choose a turtle water bottle?

    Choosing a water bottle with an eye-catching and convenient turtle pattern is not easy. You need to pay a lot of attention to their material.

    Stay tuned for the next section to choose a water bottle with a turtle motif suitable for all ages!

    1. Turtle water bottle designs and why should choose

    Water bottle designs

    When choosing a water bottle, the first thing you should consider is whether their design is really perfect or not. Many factors affect the overall design.

    • Material: The manufacturer uses BPA-free Tritan plastic as the material to create the water bottle. There are also other materials such as glass or stainless steel. It is non-toxic and very environmentally friendly.
    • Shape: Water bottles come in many different shapes and designs. Most things come in handy in many different situations. The water bottle with a simple design will use to carry around. Others have more sophisticated designs that can both create accents and build water. Some water bottle designs are in the shape of a drinking cup or a strange vase.
    • Capacity: The volume of the water tank is often very diverse. Manufacturers create many types of jars of different sizes to serve consumers. You can choose water bottles with a capacity from 24 ounces to 32 ounces.
    • Decoration: Needless to say, the water bottle has a unique decoration. Mainly images of turtles swimming in the ocean. The designer also transforms the world around the turtle into many exciting textures. For example, waves or sponges.
    • Color: The color of the water bottle is not dull. There are many different colors for you to choose from. But mainly fresh colors like blue, green, white.

    Why you should choose turtle water bottle

    • Compact design, easy to use and carry: You can take the water bottle with you wherever you go. It has a compact design and a convenient strap; bottle caps are usually one-button openers. You can use them with one hand.
    • Material safe for health and environment: The water bottle is made of BPA-free Tritan plastic to be safe for health. At temperatures of 70°C – 80°C it still works well and effectively insulates.
    • Various volumes: Pineapple bottles come in different volumes. Capacity from 14 ounces to 32 ounces gives you the freedom to choose. Small bottles are easy to carry. A large capacity water tank means you don’t need to refill water many times.
    • Beautifully decorated: The water bottle has a unique image of turtles swimming in the ocean. The decoration, arrangement of images and colors are very harmonious and attractive.
    • Multi-use: Because the material of the water bottle is high-quality plastic, you can use them many times. Limit the discharge of waste into the environment. On the other hand, you can hold different types of water for a turtle bottle.

    2. Type of water bottles

    There are many different types of water bottles on the market today. Mainly they differ in design and purpose of use. Here are some common types of water bottles:

    Sea turtle water bottle

    The image of swimming sea turtles is always very unique and new. This type of water bottle with this pattern is usually blue as the main color.

    With a capacity of 32 ounces perfectly suitable for use in many cases. You can also use them with just one hand, thanks to the separate closure.

    Turtle water tracker bottle

    With the tracker, water bottles often have a compact design. They are easy to carry around and move around. The design of the unique lid prevents water from leaking out.

    In addition, the manufacturer also designed an additional strap at the neck of the bottle. They are quite sturdy so you can carry them around.

    Turtle water bottle for school

    Turtle drink bottle for school is a unique shaped bottle. Their capacity is moderate at about 24 ounces. The design of the water bottle is quite strange and unique. Their lids are usually in the form of a swirling cap.

    3. Size of water bottles

    When buying a water bottle, size is an important factor affecting your decision. Manufacturers create many types of the bottle of different sizes. They can vary in shape and size but have the same volume.

    The current famous water bottle has a capacity of 32 ounces with a height of 22cm and a diameter of 7cm. You should buy the appropriate size according to your needs.


    Turtle water bottles are a convenient tool with many useful functions. It has decorative motifs with unique and eye-catching swimming turtles. You should own similar water bottles to protect the environment and yourself!