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The most crucial thing for the body is to stay hydrated if you want plump skin and an energetic physique. You will feel great if you have a glass of cold water next to you on a hot summer day or a cup of warm water on a cold winter day. 

Thermos cups may be too familiar to some but we want to introduce to you the greatest choice, which is our Unicorn Tumbler cup. Let’s get started!

Details about the Unicorn Tumbler

Stainless Steel Tumbler

First, we’d like to discuss the Stainless Steel Tumbler. 

The brightest point is composed of stainless steel with premium-grade copper lined 18/8 is its most appealing feature, which is limiting heat absorption and effectively retaining heat. With Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation, it keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.  

In addition, the type of Unicorn Tumbler provides two types of volumes, which are 20oz and 30oz, giving you more options. As a result, the liquid volume is held accordingly at approximately 20oz and 30oz. 

In particular, you must note that the type of Unicorn Tumbler is BPA free, but it is not safe for dishwashers, so you need to clean it yourself. We assume it is just a tiny difficulty about cleaning when it provides you with fantastic experiences.

The top diameter, bottom diameter, and height measurements are 3.5″, 2.7″, and 6.8″, respectively. With such a large diameter, it will fit a wide range of hand sizes and be very solid to hold.

Skinny Tumbler

In this part, we will bring you the most comprehensive look at Skinny Tumbler, another version of Unicorn tumbler which is a little different and brings new experiences. 

Skinny Tumbler also has some basic characteristics like Unicorn Tumbler, which is BPA free and not safe for dishwater, and Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. It’s the same type of premium grade copper lined 18/8 stainless steel.

Skinny Tumbler has a plastic cap. The lid is meant to be relatively snug but easy to slide for opening and shutting, you won’t have to worry about it escaping the heat or splashing liquid. We believe Unicorn Tumbler is a popular premium cup for car trips, homes, parties, and offices.

Skinny Tumbler is still durable and can withstand the same temperature change from -4 F to 248 F as Unicorn Tumbler, and it also retains heat for approximately 8 hours with hot water and 16 hours with cold water.

Because it has a volume of 17 oz, it can contain roughly 17 oz of liquid. The outside diameter and height of Skinny Tumbler are 2.6″ and 9.3″ correspondingly. Although it is rather tall, we feel it fits well in the hand because of the modest outside diameter.

How to choose Unicorn Tumbler

Unicorn Tumbler Designs

You can make your purchase decision based on the designs. There are different designs with different unicorns in many colours, such as a rainbow unicorn tumbler. So pick the tumbler with your favorite design of unicorns.

Type of tumblers

You have three choices for Unicorn Tumbler, which are Stainless steel Tumbler, Skinny Tumbler, Wine Tumbler. 

Stainless steel Tumbler’s design is of course stainless so it’s quality is considered to be the best among the three choices. We suppose that you should restrict your use of heavy acidic beverages like orange juice, lemon juice, etc. These beverages are acidic and stimulate stainless steel release causing chemical reactions that are unsanitary. 

Skinny Tumbler is made of plastic so you don’t have to worry about dropping it and the weight is pretty light so its convenience is outstanding in comparison to the others.

Lastly, Wine Tumbler’s size is perfect for you if you plan to use it for drinking wine. 

Size of tumblers

The volumes of Unicorn Tumbler are also very diverse for you to choose, which come in four volumes:

  • 12oz
  • 17oz
  • 20oz
  • 30oz

Last words

Unicorn Tumbler is the best solution for water transport because it can maintain the liquid temperature without affecting the ambient temperature. It is also the optimal gift for car trips, homes, parties, and offices. Remember to wash the cup after each use to keep it clean and to be able to use it longer. 

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