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    Water is an indispensable element for the human body. Drinking water is essential. Having a good-looking, high-quality water bottle is more convenient than running to the grocery store to buy water.

    The Unicorn water bottle is a great choice for everyone, especially women. So, how to choose the best unicorn water bottles? What should you know about it? Follow the shares below for accurate information!

    Overview about Unicorn water bottle

    There are many different types of water bottles on the market today. Unicorn is a prominent brand in this field, their water bottle brand owns many different water bottles. They come in a variety of sizes, designs as well as colors.

    Unicorn’s water bottles have various volumes, and you can choose according to your carrying needs. In addition, you can choose different volumes depending on the purpose of moving. Unicorn’s main material is BPA-free Tritan plastic.

    Water bottles have a convenient design on the lid with a one-handed push button. So you can use the Unicorn pot with one hand and the other hand can continue to work normally.

    The outside of the bottle has decorative images containing many bright and funny colors. It is like colorful pictures and inspires users. The manufacturer also prints a water level gauge on the surface of the bottle.

    How to choose Unicorn’s water bottles?

    To be able to choose the best Unicorn water bottles, follow the suggestions below.

    1. Unicorn water bottle designs and why should choose

    Unicorn’s water bottles have many outstanding features. It’s quality from the material, design to color and decoration style. You can see that clearly in the following specific comments.

    The design of the Unicorn water bottle

    • Material: In addition to the BPA-free Tritan plastic material, which is harmful to human health. This company’s water bottles are also made from many other safe materials such as glass and stainless steel.
    • Shape: Unicorn is a brand that has a wide variety of water bottle designs. They have universal-shaped water bottles with cylindrical bodies and caps. Some others have a stylized design, the neck of the bottle is smaller than the lower body or like a cup.

    For limited editions, Unicorn also produces water bottles in the shape of a one-horned horse.

    • Design: Unicorn always brings new designs into continuous research and production. Especially designs that bring convenience to users. They also focus on decorative design to make the product more unique.
    • Decoration: This is what makes Unicorn bottles brand and different. Almost all of the vases have decorative images on the surface.

    The main decorative image of the brand is the one-horned horse. It could be an image of a one-horned horse playing or posing beautifully. 

    In addition, on the water bottles, there are images of rainbows or funny decorations. The funny images of the one-horned horse have become the image of the Unicorn brand.

    • Color: Most people will think the water bottle will be transparent and boring. But cannot apply this thinking to Unicorn’s water bottles. These water bottles are always available in different colors. 

    From decorative images to bottles are colorful and rarely transparent. Most of the colors stand out on the manes of horses or rainbows.

    The reason should choose this water bottle

    • Compact design, convenient: Water bottle has a compact design, easy to carry when traveling. It is convenient for all your work. No matter who you are or whatever you do, you can take it with you.
    • Diverse capacity, suitable for everyone: Unicorn’s water bottles come in many different capacities. For example, you can choose a 12-ounce or 20- or 32-ounce water bottle.

    There are many different options available to you. It’s a plus when you want to vary the amount of water you use.

    For customers who are children, they will also easily carry 14-ounce water bottles.

    • Safe material: Whether you store hot or cold water in the bottle, you can safely use it. Material safety has been tested and certified. They can reuse them many times to reduce waste into the environment.
    • Keep you hydrated: Carrying a water bottle will always remind you to drink water. This is because the human body needs from 2.7 to 2 liters of water per day. Although not drinking to the maximum amount. But providing enough water for the body brings good results.
    • Reasonable price: The quality of the water bottle you receive will be completely worth the money you spend. Most of these water bottles are not expensive.
    • More uses: You can store all your favorite drinks with a water bottle. It is not necessary that water you can replace with milk, drinks with attachments.

    Have an attractive appearance thanks to bright and vibrant decorative colors.

    2. Type of water bottles

    Unicorn owns many different types of water bottles. Each type has its unique use and design. Take a look at some of the popular types below:

    Unicorn water tracker bottle

    The water bottles brought with them all have a compact design and are comfortable to use. They are usually long cylinders with a strap around the neck of the bottle. The bottle cap is a one-button opener. So you can use them with one hand.


    In addition to the beautiful decorative images outside, the tracker water bottle also has a measurement table. Users can look at it to see how much water they have.

    Unicorn water bottle for school

    After stressful and tiring classes, a little water will help you stay awake. Water bottle for school has a more diverse design than other water bottles. Water bottles have many different shapes, most of which are funny shapes suitable for young people.


    Decorative motifs are also more diverse and colorful. Their lids are not limited to just one type. It comes in a snap-on or swivel-to-open form.

    Unicorn water bottle for girls


    This water bottle brand is especially suitable for girls. Their colors are mostly blue, white and pink. Decorative motifs are mainly cute unicorns.

    3. Size of water bottles

    Water bottles come in different sizes. The popular water bottle will have a volume of 32 ounces, equivalent to 0.9 liters. It has a height of 22cm, and a diameter of 7cm.

    The size of the water bottle is very diverse. Depending upon the intended use, you should choose different sizes. Water bottles are also available in small sizes for children, such as 12 to 17 ounces. There are also some slightly larger volumes like 24 and 27 ounces.


    Unicorn water bottles have many different uses and designs. For the best selection, you should refer to the samples first. Hopefully, through our sharing, you will know more about this water bottle.