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    You need water for your daily routine. Dehydration can cause fatal damage to your health. Don’t forget to keep your hydration level up.

    A water bottle that contains enough water to keep you hydrated and inspired, doesn’t it cool? In this article, PowerTool will show you different types of Whale Water Bottles. Stay tuned and find out.

    Types of Whale Water Bottle

    • Plastic bottle
    • Aluminum bottle
    • Stainless Steel bottle
    • Glass bottle

    There’re many types of water bottles which you can choose from. Whether you’re rocking a HIIT workout or hitting the road on your bike. Or you just need to stay hydrated for work or study. Carrying a water bottle with you is a great help.

    Drink plenty of water, and make sure all of your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

    Now, let’s take a closer look at these bottles.

    1. Plastic bottle


    Plastic water bottles are ideal for everyday usages, such as commuting to work, attending classes, or running errands. They’re quite inexpensive and can be simply cleaned in the dishwasher.

    The majority of individuals keep at least one plastic water bottle in their kitchen cupboard!

    It’s lightweight and very easy to carry. It’s also made of the most affordable material. But plastic water bottles may contain BPA, not very friendly to the environment. And sometimes, water doesn’t taste so fresh like in a glass bottle.

    2. Aluminum bottle

    Cycling enthusiasts, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts gain the most from utilizing an aluminum water bottle. These long-lasting bottles often feature a higher ounce capacity.

    It allows you to keep hydrated for extended periods of time without needing to replenish.

    This kind of bottle has a strong, durable exterior, but can be heated up at a warm temperature. Sometimes it can release a bitter and metallic aftertaste if you drink water.

    This aluminum bottle isn’t always dishwasher safe too.

    3. Stainless Steel bottle


    Stainless steel bottles are popular among trendsetters and trendy people alike. The water remains cool for an absurdly long period of time.

    It allows everyone from busy professionals to marathon runners to enjoy a refreshing drink throughout the day.

    This bottle is well-insulated. It can keep the drink’s temperature longer. Also, don’t affair that this bottle will leach any chemicals. On the other hand, it may be heavy to carry around.

    Also please note that this type is usually not dishwasher safe.

    4. Glass  

    Glass is heavier to transport, and its usage is restricted in many locations. Nonetheless, this style of water bottle adds a sophisticated touch to wedding receptions, dinner parties, and other formal gatherings.

    It is also well-known for keeping the water tasting cold and fresh! This is bottle is dishwasher safe and can last for years. But it’s also easy to break. Also, it’s more expensive than other types and very heavy to carry.

    What to consider while choosing a whale water bottle

    You should consider these factors while choosing a water bottle:

    • Safe to drink from: Always choose a BPA-free bottle to buy. It won’t contain any harmful chemicals.
    • Easy to clean: A reusable bottle means that you will have to clean it regularly and reuse it. You won’t want to buy a bottle that too hard to clean up. Over 60% of the germs on your bottle could make you sick. So always clean it.
    • Portable: The bottle should be lightweight and easy to carry around. It shouldn’t be too heavy or else you will have a difficult time carrying it.
    • Large capacity: If you have an active lifestyle, you should have a bottle with at least 16 ounces. Or larger size is better for you. You don’t have to refill it many times and always have enough water to stay hydrated.
    • Price: A water bottle with a reasonable price is always your best choice. Don’t buy a water bottle that too pricey. You can have a cheap bottle with high quality.

    General information about whale water bottle

    We will show you some general information about our Whale Water Tracker Bottle:

    1. Specifications

    • Material: Tritan Plastic 
    • Volume: 32 ounces
    • Height: 22cm
    • Diameter: 7cm

    Note: Hand washes only. Don’t use other machines or tools to wash this bottle. It can be damaged if you don’t wash it by hand.

    2. Advantages

    • BPA-free, eco-friendly
    • The only drink lid that uses the force of magnets to hold your water, beer, or favorite drink in place.
    • A durable layer of color that will not fade, peel, or break over time and also provides additional grip.
    • The high-temperature resistance is adequate (up to 70°C – 80°C), however, please keep in mind that the bottle has little heat insulation effect.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why should you drink from a reusable water bottle?

    It will make you drink more water. You need at least 64 ounces of water every day, which is about half a gallon. Also, it’s better for the environment while using a reusable bottle. You can save up to 1,460 plastic bottles if you use this bottle for a year.

    2. Does Whale Water Bottle has tracker time on it?

    Yes, it does. Our bottle always has tracker time printed on it. It’s very helpful for you to keep track of your hydration level.

    3. Is there a larger bottle with more than 32 oz water?

    Of course, there is. A large water bottle is about 32 oz water. This type can meet half of your daily water consumption needs. But there is also a bottle with 40 oz.

    If you are on fitness or athletic training, you can buy this type. It’s suitable for day trips, longer hikes, family activities or camping too.


    We have shown you types of whale water tracker bottles in this article. We hope that you can base on this information and choose the right bottle for you. Thank you for reading this article.