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    A Yorkie coffee mug not only helps you have a good cup of coffee. It also helps you have a beautiful soul to enjoy the great taste of coffee. Because there’s already a picture of a Yorkie on it. 

    There are too many conveniences that a mug brings. As it helps you provide the right amount of water for each drink. Let’s explore together!

    What is a Yorkie mug?

    Yorkie mugs transform from ordinary drinking mugs into drinking mugs. And printed with funny expressions of a Yorkie dog. Since appearing on the market, this mug has been well received.

    Yorkshire dog – The world’s top beautiful “luxury” dog. The Yorkshire Terrier is also known by other names. Such as the Yorkshire Terrier or the Yorkshire terrier. This dog breed comes from the United Kingdom. It is at the top of the most beautiful dogs in the world with a luxurious appearance. That’s why the manufacturers decided to print this dog image on the mugs to make it more special.

    Basic information of mug

    Before buying any product we need to understand the product first. The same goes for Yorkshire terrier coffee mugs. Let’s start to find out!

    • Material
      • The mug is made from high-quality ceramic
      • Can be used in microwave and dishwasher
      • The Yorkie pattern is printed on both sides.
      • Has a comfortable handle
    • Design

    Whether you are looking for the perfect gift or premium quality drinks. A beautiful design mug or to enjoy your favorite beverage. Yorkie has it all.

    The mug is made from high-quality ceramic that lasts longer. If preserved and used properly, you can keep it to your children and grandchildren.

    All cups are bubble wrapped for most protection during transit. And they will be there with you for years to come.

    You will not be able to find a case with a cracked or faded design. Because it has been thoroughly evaluated and tested. Looks as good as the day you received it, everyone will love and want to talk about your new mug.

    • Safe and friendly

    Our quality cups are 100% guaranteed to be safe for all families. These products are lead and cadmium-free. They are all Proposition 65 certified.  You can get a very high-quality Orca coating, known for the best quality. It helps you to keep your mug looking good over time.

    • Delivery

    Products are safely packed and delivered to you in the most beautiful way. When you receive it, you will surprise, because it is like a gift that someone sent to you.

    How to buy the right Yorkie mug?

    1. Design of Yorkie mug?

    Honestly, you won’t have much choice in terms of styling. But, you do have a lot of texture options. This means you can choose between a wide variety of expressions, colors, and sizes of this Yorkie. There are many customers who buy shifts. Because of the cute expression pattern of the Yorkie.

    A lovely Yorkie coffee mug not only motivates you to drink better. You can also use it as a decor item you can use for your space or at the office. You can also use it for many other purposes. Like flower arrangements.

    2. Yorkie mugs type

    Yorkshire terrier coffee mugs only have one design. But, there are many different textures you can choose from. The use of ceramic mugs helps to reduce waste discharge into the environment. Not only that, but it also helps you to make a personal impression in front of colleagues and friends.

    3. Size of Yorkie mug

    Depending on the manufacturer, they may produce samples with different quantifications. Usually, it measures in OZ and common sizes are from 11OZ to 16 OZ. Yet, users will not be very interested in this. They only care about the shape and texture of the mug.

    Final Words

    Mugs are common items in daily life. Everyone always needs to replenish water to have a healthy and energetic body for work, study, sports, play… A personal water jug ​​will be a gift ideal that every customer wants to receive, especially in the summer.

    We hope that the information helps you to be able to visualize and better understand the Yorkie mug. The one you should have in your life.